Arthur Zimbal

Arthur Zimbal is a well known young dairy farmer residing in Wilson township on the homestead which his grandfather purchased on coming here from Germany at an early day. The farm which is now owned by the father of Mr. Zimbal contains fifty acres of good land and is well improved. Arthur Zimbal was born in this township, November 13, 1885, the son of Herman B. Zimbal who was born March 14, 1854. The grandfather of our subject was August Zimbal, a native of Schleswig, Germany, who emigrated to the new world at an early day, coming direct to Wisconsin and settling in Wilson township, where he bought fifty acres of land on section 4, upon which he built a log house in which the family lived for several years. Later he erected a brick building which is still in good condition and is now occupied by his grandson, the subject of this review, who is operating the farm.

The grandfather used to relate as an illustration of the prevalence of wild game in the community at the time he settled in it of his shooting a bear from the window of his log cabin. He continued to reside on the old homestead until 1884, when he removed to Sheboygan and bought a brickyard on the river, which is still known as the Zimbal yard and is owned by a representative of the family. He also purchased the old fair ground just west of Sheboygan and made his residence there until he passed away, just before reaching his eighty-third birthday. His wife, Augusta Zimbal, also a native of Germany, where she was married, passed away on the old homestead, upon which she had lived for many years.

Herman B. Zimbal, the father of Arthur Zimbal, was educated in the common schools of Wilson township and remained under the parental roof until his marriage, at which time he rented the homestead, his father having removed to the city, being thus engaged for two years, or until September, 1908, when he rented the farm to his son Arthur and now makes his home on the Trester farm on section 3, which he purchased at that time. His wife, Mina (Jahn) Zimbal, was born in Saxony, Germany, and emigrated to America with her parents, the family home being established in Sheboygan Falls township, where her father became a well known and prosperous farmer. Of the-three children born unto Mr. and Mrs. Herman Zimbal, Arthur, of this review, is the eldest, the others being: Ella, the wife of Albert Kanther, of Sheboygan; and Roland, at home.

Arthur Zimbal was reared in Wilson township and received his education in the district schools there. He worked for his father on the farm until he attained his majority, and after his marriage took up farming pursuits on his own account, renting the home farm, and by careful cultivation and management receives the highest returns from the property. He is paying special attention to the dairy business, milking on an average of twelve cows, and sells his milk to cheese factories. He is industrious and careful in his business, and is making a marked success.

Mr. Zimbal was married in Wilson township, September 12, 1908, to Miss Bertha Schwartz, a daughter of Henry and Louisa (Ruschke) Schwartz, both of whom were natives of Germany. The father passed away in that country but the mother still survives and is living in Sheboygan. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Zimbal two children were born: Eleanor, who died in infancy; and Laurine B., born August 17, 1911.

In his political faith Mr. Zimbal is an adherent of the principles of the democratic party. Both he and his wife belong to the Lutheran church of Sheboygan, being earnest and consistent members of that body. He is well known in Wilson township, where he is uniformly recognized as one of the substantial and aggressive young farmers of the community. Although he gives his time almost exclusively to business he has found time to make many friends with whom he mingles when. possible, and he is highly regarded by all who know him.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL