Dr. Anton Zeiss

A course of study in Ludwig Maximilian University at Munich, ably qualified Dr. Anton Zeiss for the duties of the profession which he has made his life work and which he is now following successfully in Sheboygan. He was born September 6, 1858, in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. His father, George Zeiss, who was a professor in the Gymnasium in his native country, being a teacher of branches in the humanistic gymnasium, died in 1887, when fifty-eight years of age. In early manhood he had wedded Miss Barbara Guttenaecker, a daughter of Joseph Guttenaecker, who was the rector of the Gymnasium of Bamberg. The death of Mrs. Zeiss occurred October 11, 1894, when she was sixty years of age. By her marriage she had become the mother of five children of whom Dr. Zeiss is the eldest. The others are: Valentine, a railway inspector in Germany; Hans, major of the Eleventh Infantry Regiment of Bavaria and prominent in official circles in his native district; Karl, a tax and rent official; and Mathilda, living in Munich.

Dr. Zeiss having mastered the elementary branches of learning taught in the public schools, entered a preparatory school in which he pursued an eight years' latin course and others and then began preparation for the practice of medicine in the Ludwig Maximilian University at Munich. He was graduated there from with the class of 1886, and in 1888 he received his diploma. He entered upon the active work of the profession in his native land where he remained until after his marriage to Miss Emilia Eyrich, who was born April 20, 1856, and is a native of Saxony, Germany.

With his wife Mr. Zeiss came to America, landing in New York city, whence he made his way direct to Sheboygan. He has since practiced here and is one of the oldest physicians of the city. His ability is recognized by the general public and he is continually promoting his skill and efficiency by wide reading, research and investigation. He is today the loved family physician in many a household because of the professional services which he has rendered in times of deep distress. He is very careful in the diagnosis of his cases, his judgment being never hasty and ill advised, and that his knowledge is comprehensive and his skill pronounced is indicated in the excellent results which have attended his labors. Dr. and Mrs. Zeiss are parents of one child, Adele, twenty-one years of age.

Dr. Zeiss is a member of the Germania Society, G. U. G., Ko. 42; the Bavarian Society of America; and the United Aid of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He was elected county physician in 1910 and served for one term. He has a deep attachment for the land of his birth, but no stronger than the love for his adopted country, and he has never regretted his determination to establish his home on this side of the Atlantic for here he found the opportunities which he sought and in their improvement has made continuous progress toward the goal of success.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL