Walter Julius Wittich

Walter Julius Wittich, instructor in physics and chemistry in the Sheboygan high school who is also elected to the position of instructor in gymnastics and physical culture of the Sheboygan Turn Verein in 1911, is a young man whose thorough and comprehensive training well equips him for the duties of his present positions. He was born in Dayton, Ohio, December 26, 1886, and is a son of George Wittich, whose birth occurred in Hesse-Cassel, Germany, in 1859, and who was but seven years of age when he came to America with his parents, who settled first at Jersey City, New Jersey. The grandfather was George Wittich, who came with his family to the new world and remained a resident of New Jersey to the time of his death, which occurred in 1885. He was a dyer and always followed that trade.

George Wittich spent his youthful days in New Jersey and after completing his education went to the middle west, devoting several years to farming in Iowa. He then returned to New Jersey, where he was connected with the Hecker Flour Mill. He then became a student in the gymnasium of tne North America Seminary at Milwaukee, where he received his degree. His first position was as gymnasium instructor in the Young Mens Christian Association at Washington, D. C.

Later he went to Dayton, Ohio, and devoted two years to instruction work in the Dayton Turn Gemeinde. In St. Louis he was instructor of the South St. Louis Turn Verein for seventeen years and during the last eight years was supervisorof instruction in physical training in the public schools of that city. He next returned to Milwaukee, where he was made director of physical training in the university from which he had graduated. There he continued for five years and when the school was removed to Indianapolis he remained in Milwaukee and accepted the position of supervisor of physical training in the public schools. His work as an instructor in that field has placed him high in public regard as one particularly well qualified for the duties that he has undertaken.

He married Pauline Rohn, who was born in Milwaukee in 1859 and was a daughter of Julius Rohn, who conducted a noted swimming school in Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. Wittich became the parents of two children, one of whom, Arno, is pursuing the agricultural course in the Wisconsin University. Walter J. Wittich, the other son, after pursuing a two year course of study in a high school in St. Louis, continued his education at Milwaukee, in the high school where in due time he was graduated. He was for two years a student in the Milwaukee State Normal and then entered the University of Wisconsin, where he completed a course in 1908. Immediately afterward he came to Sheboygan and entered upon the duties of instructor in physics and chemistry in connection with the high school. He has continued in this position to the present time and he was also elected instructor of the Sheboygan Turn Verein in 1911. He has made a close study of physics and chemistry, gymnasium work and physical training, and he understands thoroughly all these from the most scientific standpoint, while his practical knowledge, too, is a vital element in his successful work as a teacher.

In 1909 Mr. Wittich was married to Miss Elfrieda Mayer, who was born in Milwaukee in 1886 and is a daughter of Herman and Emilia (Weber) Mayer, the former a real-estate dealer. Mr. and Mrs. Wittich have one son, Walter J. Jr., now two years of age. Mr. Wittich is a splendid specimen of well developed manhood. Moreover, he is a broad-minded man, whose interests are wide and whose opinions are always based upon a comprehensive view of every vital question. He has made for himself a creditable place in social as well as educational circles and he is popular with pupils and public alike.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL