Arthur F. Winter

Arthur F. Winter is one of the well known native sons of Sheboygan county and the steps in the orderly progression of his business career are easily discernible. He has gradually worked his way upward, wisely using his time, talents and opportunities, and is now president of the M. Winter Lumber Company of Sheboygan, manufacturers of high-grade commercial furniture. He was born in the town of Sherman, then town Abbott, July 26, 1861, but was reared in Sheboygan, to which place the father, Michael Winter, removed with his family during the very early childhood of Arthur F. Winter.

It was in 1865 that Michael Winter established the business that is now conducted under the style of the M. Winter Lumber Company. He has been a resident of Shebogan county from early manhood and was a native of Germany, whence he came to America at the age of thirteen years. He made the voyage with his parents and the family home was established in Buffalo, New York, but later a removal was made to Milwaukee and afterward to Sheboygan. He was married in Milwaukee to Miss Bertha Benter and while living in that city was employed as a sawyer in a mill on the Milwaukee river, about where the city hall now stands. On taking up his abode in the town of Sherman he established a store and tavern which he conducted until 1862 when he was elected sheriff of Sheboygan county. He also represented his district in the state legislature, served on county board as alderman and was twice mayor of Sheboygan.

In 1865 he began to ship lumber here from his mill which was located at Dalton, Michigan. He was the first shipper of Michigan lumber into Sheboygan. In the marine business he was the owner of a number of the early sailing vessels. He remained at the head of the lumber business until his death, which occurred October 13, 1889. The business was incorporated in January, 1890, with Mrs. Winter as president of the company, in which position she continued for three years, while Arthur F. Winter occupied the position of secretary. Mrs. Winter has retired from official connection with the business but still makes her home in Sheboygan, where she is widely and favorably known.

In his early boyhood days Arthur F. Winter became a pupil in the public schools here and after his education was completed entered into active connection with the lumber and furniture manufacturing business established by his father. As stated he served as secretary for three years following the incorporation of the business and was then elected to the presidency, in which connection he has since continued. In 1907 the manufacture of lumber was discontinued and the energies of the house concentrated upon the manufacture of high-grade commercial furniture, the product of which is sold in every state and territory of the United 'States, as well as in foreign countries. Employment is today furnished to one hundred and thirty-five people and the enterprise is capitalized for one hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Winter remains as the president and treasurer with C. F. Kade, as vice president and manager, and W. M. Winter, as secretary.

In 1890 occurred the marriage of Mr. Winter and Miss Katherine End, a daughter of George End, formerly president of the Bank of Sheboygan. They have two sons, Eugene A. and Arthur F. Mr. Winter holds membership with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. To close application may be attributed his success and his advancement has taken him beyond the ranks of the many until he now stands among the more successful few.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL