Fred C. Weiskopf, Jr.

Prominent among the energetic, progressive and enterprising business men of Sheboygan, Fred C. Weiskopf, Jr., is numbered. He is actively and successfully engaged in the real-estate and insurance business as a member of the firm of Weiskopf & Trester, with offices at No. 8o3 North Eighth street. For twelve years he has been engaged in this business and for twenty-eight years has been a resident of Sheboygan, having come to this city in October, 1884.He was born in the town of Herman, Sheboygan county, February 18, 1866, his parents being Fred and Katherine (Welsch) Weiskopf. The father came from Kreuznach, Prussia, Germany, where his father was the owner of a summer resort. In the year 1847 Fred Weiskopf, Sr., left his native country and crossed the Atlantic to the new world, settling first in the town of Mosel, where he secured a farm, but soon afterward purchased another farm in the town of Herman, upon which he made his home.

Year after year he cultivated his fields and developed his property there until 1892, when he retired from active business life. The old homestead place is now in possession of his son Henry. Fred Weiskopf, Sr., is today one of the oldest settlers of his part of the county. When he first located in the town of Mosel he lived for six weeks in a log cabin covered with leaves. Evidences of pioneer life were to be found on every hand, for the work of development and improvement had scarcely been begun in this district. The settlers had to carry their provisions on their backs through the woods from Sheboygan. The roads were little more than Indian trails and only here and there was a clearing to be found showing that the seeds of modern civilization had been planted in the district.

Mr. Weiskopf was ever a most industrious, energetic young man, bending every effort to provide a comfortable living for his family until he retired from business life when well advanced in years. He has now reached the age of eighty-six, being numbered among the venerable citizens of his community. His wife passed away April 2, 1898, and was laid to rest in the family lot in Wildwood cemetery.

Fred C. Weiskopf, Jr., acquired his education in the district schools and in the Mission House near Franklin, Wisconsin, leaving that institution at the age of eighteen years. Through the succeeding two years he was engaged in clerking near his home and then came to Sheboygan, where for eight years he was employed by H. D. Otten, a general merchant. At the end of that time he entered into partnership with T. Dieckmann, now mayor of Sheboygan, with whom he was connected for eight months. He next became a salesman in the employ of H. C. Prange, with whom he continued for eight years. Ill health then forced him to leave the store and, seeking out-of-door employment, he became solicitor and collector for the insurance firm of Trilling & Oehler. On the 1st of September, 1898, he returned to mercantile fields as manager of the dress-goods department in the mercantile house of J. End, there continuing until February, 1900. At that date he entered into partnership with Adam Trester in the establishment of their present business as dealers in real estate under the firm style of Weiskopf & Trester. They also have an insurance department, which is proving a profitable source of income, the policies which they write representing a large figure annually. They have also negotiated many important property transfers and their dealings of that character are conducted with a view to advancing the interests of Sheboygan as well as their individual success. In 1901 the firm of Weiskopf & Trester purchased the business of the Mogenson Insurance Company, which for thirty-five years had figured prominently in business circles of this city.

On the 9th of June, 1894, Mr. Weiskopf was married at Herman, Wisconsin, to Miss Ida Pieper, of Howard's Grove, Sheboygan county, a daughter of August and Johanna Pieper, early settlers of this county. Her father, who was a native of Hanover, Germany, and came to the United States about 1848, was a farmer by occupation. He died in March, 1909, at the age of eighty-three years, and was laid to rest in Siemers cemetery in Herman township. The mother, who was a native of Bayern, Germany, came to this county in 1843 and died March 21, 1912, at the age of seventy-one. Mr. and Mrs. Weiskopf became the parents of three children but Erwin, the eldest, died in October, 1903, at the age of eight years, and was buried in Wildwood cemetery. Norman and Otis are both pupils in the Horace Mann school. The family residence, at No. 1602 North Eighth street, was erected by Mr. Weiskopf in 1891. He was also the builder of a flat building at No. 1607 North Ninth street. In his real-estate operations he has purchased a large amount of property, including many residences, which he has rebuilt and sold, thus contributing much to the improvement of the city. He was also instrumental in securing the opening of a street called Logan avenue between Eighth and Ninth streets.

In politics Mr. Weiskopf is independent, voting for men and measures rather than for party. He has long been interested in military affairs and served as color sergeant of his regiment of the National Guard, while at the present time he is treasurer of the Evergreen City Guard, Veteran Corps. Since 1900 he has been a member of the Modern Woodmen camp at Sheboygan and his religious faith is evidenced in his membership in the German Reformed church Labor and energy have constituted the foundation of his success. He has ever carefully formulated his plans, has proven faithful under every circumstance and, displaying the energy that will brook no obstacles that can be overcome by determined effort, he has gradually established himself in an enviable position as one of Sheboygan's leading real-estate dealers.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL