John Walsh

John Walsh engages in the dairy business in Lima township, where he owns one hundred and fifty acres of well improved land dlocated on section 21. His birth occurred on the place where he now resides on the 2nd of February, 1860. His father, William Walsh, was born in County Kerry, Ireland, on the 6th of January, about the year 1827. When a youth of fourteen years he emigrated to the United States, locating in the state of New York, Buffalo being his place of residence during the greater part of the time.

About 1856, he and his wife came from there to Sheboygan county, settling in Lima township, where he purchased the farm now owned and operated by our subject. While living in Buffalo, he was married to Miss Katherine Wolf, likewise a native of County Kerry, and to them were born eight children, five of whom are still living: Michael, who is a resident of Chicago ; John, our subject; Frank, who lives in West Allis, Milwaukee county, Wisconsin; Francis, of Chicago; and Johanna, the wife of Hugh Connell, of Chicago.

The father is still living and continues to reside on the old homestead with our subject, but the mother passed away' in February, 1896, at the age of fifty-eight years. The entire life of John Walsh has been passed amid the scenes of his present home.

His education was acquired in the district schools in the vicinity, while he qualified himself for the duties and responsibilities of an agriculturist by assisting his father in the tilling of the fields and care of the stock. After leaving school he gave his undivided attention to the operation of the home farm under the supervision of his father until he was twenty-two, when he rented the place, which he has ever since been cultivating for himself. He operated it as a renter during the succeeding eleven years, but in the spring of 1893 he purchased it and now holds the title to one of the best farms in the community. He makes a specialty of dairying and his fields are largely devoted to the raising of such cereals as are best adapted to the feeding of stock. His cattle are all of the Holstein breed, and his herd numbers about forty head, ten of which are registered. He milks from twenty-five to thirty cows, and he annually raises a few hogs for the market. He carefully and intelligently directs his undertakings and is meeting with a corresponding measure of success in their' development.

At St. Rose's church on the 24th of November, 1891, Mr. Walsh was married to Miss Gertrude Groeneveldt, a daughter of John Groeneveldt, who is mentioned elsewhere in this history. Eight children have been born to Mr. and' Mrs. Walsh, as follows: Frank, who is a youth of nineteen years; William, who is eighteen; Lillian, who is fourteen; Rose and Sarah, twins, who have passed the thirteenth anniversary of their birth; Mary, who is anticipating her twelfth birthday; Bessie, who will soon be ten years of age; and Helen, who is in her fifth year.

The family are communicants of the Roman Catholic church, and belong to St. Rose's parish. The political allegiance of Mr. Walsh is given to the democratic party at national elections, but locally he supports such men as he deems best qualified to further the community's interests.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL