Gerrit Vervelde

Mr. Vervelde is successfully engaged in farming in Wilson township and is a man universally esteemed and respected by the people of the community in which he lives. He is a native of Sheboygan county, his birth having occurred in the township of Wilson on October 17, 1852, and is the son of Henry B. and Jennie Gertrude (Renskers) Vervelde, both natives of the Netherlands.

The father was born at Alten, near the German border. He was married in his native land and emigrated to America in 1846. After reaching the new world he spent a short time at Baltimore, Maryland, and later removed to Hanover, Ohio, where he remained for a period of six years. At the end of that time he removed to Sheboygan and while looking for a suitable place to establish his home and engage in farming, he met the Hartman family and several other families, all of whom he had known in Holland and who were already engaged in farming in Wilson township. He therefore decided to purchase land in that township and settle among his old-time friends of Holland. Accordingly, in company with his two brothers-in-law, he purchased forty acres of land and for some time their three families resided upon that property and devoted their attention to its cultivation.

Later Mr. Vervelde sold his interest in the property and purchased forty acres of his own on section 31, where he established his home and continued to live until his death, which occurred at his home farm, at the age of sixty-two. He was united in marriage to Miss Jennie Gertrude Renskers, a native of Holland, who also passed away at the home place in Wilson township.

To Mr. and Mrs. Vervelde five children were born: John, who until the time of his death lived on his father's farm in Wilson township; Gerrit, of this review; Angeline, who is the wife of Gerrit Grotenhaus, of Oostburg; G. W., who died after reaching his majority; and Henry, Jr., who died at the age of twenty-four.

Gerrit Vervelde was reared in his parents' home and educated in the public schools of Wilson township, remaining with his parents until he was thirty years of age. Previously, however, he had purchased thirteen acres of land and later added to his holdings by purchasing twenty acres adjoining it, making in all thirty-three acres of land upon which he engaged in farming for himself. He was very successful in the conduct of his agricultural interests and later he purchased forty-two acres additional, his farm now consisting of seventy-five acres of highly developed land located in Wilson township.

Mr. Vervelde has been twice married. On May 30, 1883, he wedded Miss Bertha Heinen and to that union was born one child, Betty, who resides at home with her father. On August 20, 1895, Mr. Vervelde married Miss Hattie Jentink, of Holland township, and to them the following children have been born: Henry, Bernet, Jennie, John, William, Harry, Louis, Alice, Gerrit, Edward and Angeline, all of whom are at home.

Mr. Vervelde is affiliated with the republican party, and he and his family are members of the Christian Reformed church of Oostburg. Mr. Vervelde is one of the successful and universally respected citizens of Sheboygan county. He is known to be a man ready at all times to lend his assistance to any public measure having for its object the educational, religious and material advancement of the people of the community in which he lives.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL