Benjamin TeHennepe

Benjamin TeHennepe, whose energies are largely devoted to dairying, is the owner of eighty-one acres of well improved and highly cultivated land located on section 7, Lima township, where he resided since 1907. He is a native of this township, his birth having here occurred on January 12, 1869, and a son of G. J. and Centha TeHennepe, well known farming people of this section, who are mentioned at greater length elsewhere in this work.

The early years in the life of Benjamin TeHennepe did not differ particularly from those of other youths who were reared in the rural sections of Wisconsin at that period. He attended the district schools and assisted his father about the home place until he was sixteen years of age, when he left the parental roof and began earning his own living. For six years thereafter he worked out by the month as a farm hand, and then learned the trade of cheese making. He subsequently became associated with Amos Humphrey, and they purchased fhe cheese factory adjacent to the Lutheran church on section 17, Lima township. The plant was operated on a partnership basis for fourteen years, but at the expiration of that period, Mr. TeHennepe, who had been manager of the enterprise, purchased the interest of Mr. Humphrey.

He continued operations for another year, and then disposing of the industry removed to a farm of forty-one acres he had previously purchased on section 7. The most of the buildings on the place, including the residence, have been erected during the ownership of Mt. TeHennepe, who subsequently increased his holdings by the purchase of another forty acres. Although he engages in diversified farming and stock raising, he makes a specialty of dairying and owns a fine herd of graded Holstein cattle. He is enterprising and progressive in his methods and in 1911 built a large silo on his place, which is equipped with everything essential to the modern stock and dairyman.

In this township on the 18th of August, 1897, Mr. TeHennepe was married to Miss Minnie Schneider, a daughter of Herman and Aurelia (Sibilski) Schneider, well known residents of this vicinity, and they have become the parents of four children: Vina, who is twelve years of age; Emma, who is eleven; Rose, who has passed the eighth anniversary of her birth; and Ella, who is in her seventh year.

The family attend the Lutheran church in which the parents hold membership, and in politics. Mr. TeHennepe is a republican. Since he was a youth of sixteen years, he has been entirely dependent upon his own efforts and is meeting with the success in his business that invariably rewards earnest endeavor, intelligently directed.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL