Hon. William F. Sieker

General farming claims the time and energies of the Hon. William F. Sieker, and yet he has found opportunity to promote public progress along various lines. His political activity has brought him prominence and he has left the impress of his individuality upon the state legislature through two terms of service as a member of the general assembly. He was born in Lippe-Detmold, Germany, on the 28th of January, 1849, and was brought to America when but three months old by his parents, John B. and Henriette Sieker, who were also natives of Lippe-Detmold, Germany.

The father was a carpenter by trade, following that pursuit in Germany until 1849 when with his family he sailed for the new world. He reached Herman township, Sheboygan county, in the month of June, and for five years thereafter was a resident of this district, at the end of which time death terminated his life's labors in 1854. On his arrival here he found a frontier district and preempted eighty acres of land from the government, converting it into a good farm upon which he remained until his demise. His widow long survived him and reached the age of eighty-six years, passing away in 1900. She was twice married, her second husband being Fred Dobmeier, who was born in Germany and was one of the first settlers of Sheboygan county, arriving in 1847. Twenty years later he passed away after having devoted the intervening years to agricultural pursuits.

There were two children of the first marriage, the elder being Simon Sieker, who was a farmer of Clark county, Wisconsin, and died in Sheboygan in 1898, leaving a family. The younger son is the Hon. William F. Sieker who, spending his youthful days in his mother's home, pursued his education in the district schools and in the schools of Sheboygan. He was also reared to farm life, early becoming familiar with the best methods of tilling the soil and caring for the crops. In early manhood he taught school for a time and in 1873 began farming on his own account, since which time he has occupied the old homestead in Herman township. Here he has one hundred acres of land, rich and arable, devoted to general farming. He raises the cereals and fruits best adapted to soil and climate and also has good stock upon his place. In fact, all the features of a model farm are there found, including modern improvements. He has upon his place the best farm machinery to facilitate the work of the fields and he also sells farm implements to some extent.

Mr. Sieker has been twice married. In December, 1872, he wedded Miss Caroline Bueker, whose parents were old settlers of this county. Mrs. Sieker died in 1887, leaving two children who are living: Dr. A. W. Sieker, a practicing physician of Franklin; and Bertha, who is also a resident of Franklin, Wisconsin. Three other children of that marriage have passed away. On the 24th of December, 1890, Mr. Sieker was again married, his second union being with Miss Mary Gosse, a daughter of Herman Gosse of Herman township, who was born in Germany while his wife was a native of this country. Unto the second marriage of Mr. Sieker have been born four children: Oscar J., who is a graduate of the high school of Sheboygan and attending the State University at Madison; Elsa E., a graduate of the district school; and Ruth and Mary, both at home.

Mr. Sieker has been prominent in political circles and for eighteen terms has served as chairman of the township board of supervisors. In 1894 he was elected to the general assembly and in 1896 was reelected, remaining an incumbent in that office for two terms. He is not an aspirant for political honors however, feeling his time is fully occupied by his business interests, and that he is both practical and progressive is indicated by the excellent appearance of his place which is one of the well developed and well improved farms of Herman township.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL