Konrad Schreier

Konrad Schreier was well known in the business circles of Sheboygan through his long identification with brewing interests and the Konrad Schreier Company still controls a productive industry which owes its existence to the enterprise and progressive spirit of him whose name introduces this review. Mr. Schreier was born January 5, 1830, in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, and about 1840 came to the United States with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schreier. The father was born in 1800 and was engaged in the grain business in Germany. After crossing the Atlantic to the new world he settled in Washington county, Wisconsin, purchasing land there and making his home upon his farm until his death, which occurred in 1865. His family numbered two sons and four daughters.

Konrad Schreier remained on the farm with his father through the period of his boyhood and youth but when still a young man purchased a farm for himself. This he owned until 1856, when he disposed of the property and came to Sheboygan, where he entered the brewing business as the senior partner of the firm of Schreier & Schlicht. Business was carried on under that name until 1872, in which Mr. Schreier bought his partner's interest and continued the conduct of the brewery under his own name until 1896, when the business was incorporated as the Konrad Schreier Company. The successful management of the undertaking continued under the new organization and Mr. Schreier remained at the head of the growing and gratifying business up to the time of his death, which occurred May 27, 1903. The brewery which he established is still carried on under the same name and is now managed by the estate. The present officers of the brewery are: Herman Schreier, president; A. P. Steffen, vice president; Konrad Testwinde, treasurer; and L. Zimmerman, secretary.

When about twenty-two years of age Mr. Schreier was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Schaetzel, a native of Germany, who was brought to the United States by her parents when six years of age. They settled on a farm in Washington county and there Mrs. Schreier spent her girlhood days. She died in 1900, passing away about three years prior to the death of her husband. They were the parents of four children. Mary, who became the wife of L. Testwinde and had three children, died in October, 1911. Barbara died in 1876, when twenty-one years of age. Herman is married and has a family. Emma is the wife of A. P. Steffen and they also have children.

Mr. Schreier was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and closely adhered to its teachings in his relations with his fellowmen. While born in the fatherland, he was always American in spirit and interests and had the deepest attachment for the land of his adoption. He always sought the welfare and upbuilding of the community in which he lived and was regarded as a representative and valued German-American citizen.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL