George Schoerger, Sr.

For about forty years George Schoerger, Sr., has been a resident of Sheboygan, where he is now living retired. He was for a third of a century engaged in the saloon business and his close application and unremitting diligence were the factors that brought to him the comfortable competence that now enables him to rest from further labors. He was born January 6, 1845, in Wentheim, in the grand duchy of Baden, Germany. His father, Johann Schoerger, was a lifelong farmer and passed away in 1856, when sixty-two years of age. His wife, who in her maidenhood bore the name of Katerina Tauch, died when eighty-three years of age. They never came to America.

George Schoerger was the youngest of a family of twelve children. His boyhood and youth were spent in the fatherland and at twenty-seven years of age he bade adieu to friends and native land and sailed for the new world, establishing his home in Sheboygan where for six years he followed the shoemaker trade which he had previously learned in Germany. He then engaged in the saloon business, and for thirty-three years followed that line of business activity until success was his in substantial measure, enabling him to retire. He is one of the old residents of the city, having for forty years made him home here, and he is therefore largely familiar with its upbuilding and all of the events which are prominent features in its history.

In 1887 Mr. Schoerger was united in marriage to Miss Carrie Bishoff, who was born in Sheboygan and is a daughter of Andrew and Barbara Bishoff. Mr. and Mrs. Schoerger have become parents of four children, two sons and two daughters: George, who married Clara Schlicht and has one child, Wallace; William, at home; Lillian, who is the wife of F. Cook, a carpenter of Shehoygan and has two children; and Elma, who is the wife of Lee Hopkins, of Sheboygan, and has one child, Virginia.

Mr. Schoerger holds membership in the local lodge of the Sons of Herman and also with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He was a member of the old Concordia Singing Society and has always found great enjoyment in music, possessing the national taste and love for the art. He is well and prominently known among the German-American residents of his adopted city and his life record has been a credit alike to the land of his birth and the land of his adoption.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL