Herman Schneider

Herman Schneider, who engages in dairying in Lima township, was born in Elsterberg, Saxony, Germany, on the 19th of March, 1850, and is the only child of Ludwig and Louisa (Miller) Schneider. The parents were also natives of Saxony, the father having been born in the same town as the son on December 12, 1824. The family came to America in 1852, Sheboygan county being their destination. Upon his arrival here Mr. Schneider purchased some land in Wilson township, which he cultivated for thirteen years. At the expiration of that time he disposed of his interests there and went to Lake Superior, Michigan, but in 1867 he returned to Sheboygan county and purchased eighty acres of land on section 18, Lima township. There the mother passed away in 1871, at the age of fifty-six years, but she was long survived by the father, whose death occurred on December 2, 1898, just ten days prior to the seventy-fourth anniversary of his birth. Mrs. Schneider had been previously married to Mr. Senglaub, and by him had had three children: a daughter, who died in Germany before the family emigrated to this country; Christian, who died in Montana; and Edward.

Herman Schneider was only a child of two years when his parents brought him to America. He acquired his education in the district schools of Wilson township, and assisted his father with the work of the farm until he was thirty years of age. He subsequently leased the home place, which he operated as a renter until it came into his possession upon the death of his father. Very soon thereafter he increased his holdings by the purchase of forty acres on section 17, and in 1899 he bought eighty acres of section 7, but he has since disposed of all his land but forty acres of the old homestead. He has made many improvements in the place during the period of his ownership, having remodeled the house in 1905 and erected a large barn in 1911, whiie he is now planning to build a large silo. Of recent years he has devoted his entire time and attention to dairying, which has proven to be very lucrative.

In Wilson township on the 15th of December, 1872, Mr. Schneider was married to Miss Aurelia Sibilski, who was born in Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Germany, on the 7th of March, 1854, and to them have been born eight children, six of whom are still living: Louisa, the wife of Joseph Behr of Lima; Frederick, who is farming in Wilson township; Minnie, who married Benjamin TeHennepe, of Lima; William, who is operating a farm on section 17, Lima township; George, a farmer in Lyndon township; and Emma, the wife of Julius Krause of Sheboygan Falls township.

In matters of faith the family are Lutherans, the parents belonging to the German church of that denomination in Lima township. Politically Mr. Schneider is a republican, but has never held an office. He takes an active interest in all public questions, however, and is numbered among the progressive and enterprising citizens of the township, where he enjoys a wide and favorable acquaintance.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL