Adolph G. Roth

Adolph G. Roth, a manufacturer of and dealer in awnings, tents and decorations, has a well equipped factory and offices at No. 534 Huron Street. His birth occurred in Sheboygan, September 22, 1859, and his parents, Henry E. and Caroline Roth, were both natives of Germany. In his native land the father was apprenticed for three years to the mason's trade, after which he spent three years in various parts of Europe and was accorded the title of master mason. He then emigrated to the United States and settled in Buffalo, New York, where he lived for a time and next went to Mobile, Alabama, remaining a resident of that city for six months. He then came to Sheboygan and was here engaged in business during the remainder of his life.

Shortly after coming to this city he established in 1854 a building and contracting business. This he pursued alone for some time but later entered into partnership with Henry Schwartz and this firm erected several of the earlier buildings of Sheboygan, among which may be mentioned the Taylor building, the Union schoolhouse, the Masonic Temple and the building where the Five and Ten Cent Store is now located. The father was injured while working on the Henry Otter building and after his recovery he devoted his entire attention to the lime business. During his earlier years in Sheboygan he had purchased a piece of land on the Pigeon river, where the well known stone quarry is now located, and established in a small way his present lime-burning business, which has grown to be one of the largest and best known concerns of the kind in the country. His partner was interested with him in the lime business but after a few years Mr. Roth purchased Mr. Schwartz's interest and continued the business under his own name.

As the years passed the business prospered and a branch was established in Muskegon, Michigan, a brother-in-law, Lewis Kanitz, taking charge of the business there, which was established just before the Civil war. After conducting the branch for several years Mr. Kanitz retired and is otherwise engaged in Muskegon. During the early years of the business it was conducted on ten acres of ground but later forty-five acres were added to the original purchase. Besides burning lime at the kilns in Sheboygan they shipped stone to Muskegon, Michigan, where it was burned at the branch establishment and shipped to different parts of the country. They also shipped large quantities of lime to Grand Haven, Michigan, and had their own boats with which to transport the products of the quarry and kilns. A church was erected near the quarry and Mr. Roth assisted in its building by contributing the stone used in the structure.

In later years the stone and lime business has been incorporated and the trade has now reached extensive proportions. Since the death of the father, who passed away in 1887, the company has been reorganized with Mrs. Caroline Roth as president; Mrs. John F. Brand, vice president; and Elfreda Roth, secretary and treasurer. T. E. Fleischer, who is the superintendent, has active charge of the mechanical part of the business.

To Henry E. and Caroline Roth were born the following children: Mrs. John Brand, of Chicago, who has a family of three children; John H., who is married and has two children; Adolph G., our subject; Mrs. T. E. Fleischer, whose husband is superintendent of the lime works; Louis J ., of St. Cloud, Minnesota, who is married and has four children; William, a resident of Sheboygan; Lena, at home; Hattie, who is the wife of Fred Guessenheimer, of Sheboygan, and has four children; Tony, who is the wife of William Kowalke, a traveling salesman residing in Sheboygan, and they have two children; and Elfreda, at home.

The subject of this review is indebted to the schools of Sheboygan for the educational advantages which he received and in early manhood he learned the harness-maker's trade, at which he worked for four and one-half years. He then entered the lime business with his father, working at the quarry and in the kilns. Shortly after he became associated with his father in the business they opened a branch office at Minneapolis, Minnesota, of which John H. Roth was placed in charge. This office was maintained for several years but was finally dispensed with.

After being connected with the lime and stone business for two years Adolph G. Roth withdrew and in 1886 entered the grocery business. On this line of trade he concentrated his energies until 1888, when he returned to the lime business. At the expiration of two years he established a tent and awning business, in which he has since continued. He has a well appointed factory and is enjoying a lucrative trade. He also has branches in the same line of business at Elkhart Lake, Keil, Port Washington and several other places.

In 1885 Mr. Roth was married to Miss Anna Zagel, the daughter of Carl Zagel, who was engaged in the real-estate business and who erected the building now occupied by the Five and Ten Cent Store in Sheboygan. Mr. and Mrs. Roth have six children: Max H., who is married; and Flora, Willa, Carl T., Henry E. and Elizabeth. Having passed all his life in Sheboygan and being well acquainted throughout the city and county, Mr. Roth has by strict integrity as well as by giving prompt attention to all business entrusted to him built up a very satisfactory trade in tents, awnings and decorations. His connection with one of the pioneer families of the community also serves to make him prominent in Sheboygan, where he and his family are greatly respected and held in high esteem by a large number of friends. He is one of the really useful men of the community and by his active life has contributed materially to the upbuilding and progress of Sheboygan.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL