John P. Reiss

John P. Reiss, whose position in business circles is established in the fact that he is the vice president of The C. Reiss Coal Company and secretary, treasurer and general manager of the Wisconsin Transportation Company, two of the most important business concerns in Sheboygan, has in his active connection with these business interests demonstrated his capability to handle important commercial projects and to successfully solve involved and complex business problems. He was born in Sheboygan, May 15, 1875, and is a son of Clemens Reiss. Reared in his native city he pursued a public-school education here and from early manhood has been identified with The C. Reiss Coal Company. He entered into active relations with that business twenty years ago and has advanced through intermediate positions to the vice presidency of the company, which is now capitalized for eight hundred thousand dollars. They have docks at Manitowoc, Green Bay, Escanaba, Ashland and Superior, Wisconsin, and the home offices are at Sheboygan. They are doing a wholesale business in coal, and their volume of trade is annually represented by a large figure.

Mr. Reiss has also been secretary and treasurer of the Wisconsin Transportation Company since its organization in 1904. It is capitalized for four hundred thousand dollars and is a separate organization from The C. Reiss Coal Company. Peter Reiss, however, is president of both organizations and William A. Reiss is the secretary of The C. Reiss Coal Company, while W. B. Gueinzius, of Green Bay, is vice president of the transportation company. This company owns three large freight boats - the America, the Brazil, and the John P. Reiss. The C. Reiss Coal Company is the largest industrial concern of Sheboygan and the Wisconsin Transportation Company is also one of the most important concerns operating not only at. this point but along the lake. The intense and intelligently directed activity of John P. Reiss has constituted a feature in the success of both undertakings.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL