William August Pfister

The jewelry interests of Sheboygan are ably represented in this city by William August Pfister, who has been engaged in this line of activity since 1884. During the years of his connection with the jewelry trade he has built up for himself a large and prosperous clientage. Since he entered the jewelry business his success has been continuous - a direct result of his hard and concentrated work.

He is a native of this city, where his birth occurred September 6, 1863. His parents were Casper and Catherine Pfister, who in 1842 settled in Sheboyan, where the father engaged in the jewelry business and later on became interested also in an enterprise which is now known as the Globe Foundry. He was successful financially all during his life. In 1863 he erected a beautiful brick building on the corner of Eighth street and New York avenue. His death occurred February 4, 1884.

W. A. Pfister received his education in the public schools of Sheboygan. He early determined to devote his life to the jewelry business, in which his father has been engaged for so many years, and in order to make of himself a thoroughly efficient and practical workman along this line he determined to become thoroughly acquainted with the details of practical jewelry work. He entered the Chicago Ophthalmic College, where he took a course in optics under Dr. Martin and in retinoscopy under Professor Ferguson of New York city. Afterward, while engaged in business, he took a course in the Kansas School of Optometry, under Dr. J. L. Littlefield.

He entered upon the jewelry business in his native city and when his father died, in 1884, he succeeded him and has been engaged in this line continuously ever since. He is a leading citizen of Sheboygan, active in every movement looking toward its progress and development. He is president of the Sheboygan Business Men's Association and has held this office since 1909. He is also actively connected with the Knights of Columbus, and is a devoted adherent of the Roman Catholic church, in which faith he was reared.

On June 28, 1893, in Holy Name Cathedral, at Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Pfister was united in marriage to Miss Marie Junker, a daughter of Anton Junker, who was prominently connected with the Riverdale Distilling Company of Chicago until his death, eight years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Pfister are the parents of eight children, Roland, Evelyn, Jerome, Josephine, Marie, Annette, William, Jr., and Helen, all of whom are living at home.

Mr. Pfister is now recognized in his native city as a dominant force in its business life. He has promoted the progress and development of Sheboygan by attending to the growth of his individual activities and has attained his present gratifying position in the commercial world by strict honesty and reliable business methods.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL