C. H. Pape

C. H. Pape is the popular and efficient manager of the Port Huron Salt Dock Company's interests at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a position which he has maintained with credit to himself since the beginning of 1900. He is a native of Hanover, Germany, having been born in the year 1839, and is the son of Conrad Pape, who emigrated with his family to Sheboygan in 1848. His father was by profession a shipbuilder. After establishing his home in Sheboygan he continued to live at that place during the remainder of his life.

C. H. Pape was reared in his father's home and educated in the public schools. As a young man he was engaged as clerk in a dry-goods store until 1869 and then became interested in farming near the city of Sheboygan. Having established himself in this line of industry and meeting with very gratifying success, he continued in the business of an agriculturist for thirty-one years, after which he removed to the city and was engaged as a traveling salesman for one year by the C. Reiss Coal Company.

In 1900, while still in the employ of the C. Reiss Coat Company, lie was given the position of manager of the Port Huron Salt Dock. This enterprise at that time was the property of the C. Reiss Coal Company, it being the western dock for that concern. Their home plant was established at Port Huron, Michigan, and their salt product shipped from there to their dock at Sheboygan by boat and then distributed to the trade throughout the west. In addition to their dock proper the company built large and commodious buildings especially adapted to their use, the buildings in all being six hundred feet in length by one hundred feet in width and supplied with all necessary railroad switch facilities direct to their warerooms. In addition to the offices and storage departments the buildings also house a very large and perfectly equipped cooper shop, in which all necessary barrels for the packing and shipping of their salt products are manufactured. The company handles all grades of salt from the fertilizing salt to the best packing house and domestic grades.

In 1902 the C. Reiss Coal Company disposed of its Port Huron salt dock to the present owners and operators. This change in the proprietorship of the business in no way effected the position held by C. H. Pape. He has been continued in the same position by the new company and has the complete oversight and charge of the entire Port Huron Salt Dock Company's interests, their volume of business averaging from one hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand barrels of salt shipped to the trade per annum. It is a fact universally recognized that the Port Huron salt dock is one of the best constructed properties of its kind on the river front.

Mr. Pape was married in the city of Rantoul, Illinois, to Miss Lizzie J. Van Arnam, a daughter of Newcomb J. Van Amam and Martha Allen (Wescott) Van Amam, both of New York state. The parents lived in New York city, where Mrs. Pape was born, for about ten years and then moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where the mother passed away in 1851. Mr. Van Amam and his two children, Lizzie J. and John, then removed with the grandparents, Abraham and Jane Van Arnam, to Sheboygan. In 1852 the father went to California in the wake of the great stream of gold seekers, but returned to Sheboygan in 1857 and remained here until the outbreak of the Civil war in 1861.

During the war he spent his time between St. Louis, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; and Cincinnati, Ohio; taking contracts for army supplies. The father survived his wife for over forty years, passing away in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in 1892. To Mr. and Mrs. Pape four children have been born: George N., of Sheboygan; Mattie W., the wife of Peter Reiss; Jennie, the wife of Arthur Hayssen; and Carr ie,' the wife of Edwin Imig. The three last named are also residents of Sheboygan.

C. H. Pape is well and favorably known throughout the county and within the city of Sheboygan, and his name stands high on the roll of its honored and useful residents. He has never held political office but his public-spiritedness is indicated by the fact that for five successive years he has served as the president of the Sheboygan County Fair Association. He has been an industrious, successful, trustworthy and reliable man during all the years of his active life and is deeply interested in, and at all times ready to support, every public enterprise seeking the advancement of the people of the city.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL