Daniel J. Murphy

Daniel J. Murphy, who is engaged in dairying in Lima township, where he owns eighty acres of well improved land on section 20, is one of Sheboygan county's enterprising native sons, his birth having occurred on the farm where he now resides on November 8, 1868. His father, Daniel Murphy, was born in Cork, Ireland, in November, 1824, and was a son of Cornelius and Bridget (Daly) Murphy. The grandparents were born, reared and married in the city of Cork, whence they emigrated to America with their family, locating in Chicago during the pioneer days. Later they came to Sheboygan county and settled on a farm in Mitchell township, where the grandfather passed away. His widow subsequently removed to Lima township, which remained her place of residence until her death at the venerable age of ninety years.

Daniel Murphy was a young man when he located in Chicago, where he married Miss Margaret Leonard, the mother of our subject. She was also a native of Ireland, but in early girlhood emigrated to the United States with her father, who located in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Murphy were married in the latter city, but later they came to Mitchell township, this county, which was their home for about ten years. From there they came to Lima township and here the father purchased eighty acres of land on section 20, which is now the property of our subject. In the early '50s, the father went to California, having been lured there by the tales he had heard of the gold fields and the wonderful fortunes discovered by many of the prospectors. He remained on the Pacific coast for three years, and then returned to Wisconsin. For several years thereafter he was employed in the copper mines in the vicinity of Lake Superior, but he subsequently came back to Sheboygan county and resumed his agricultural pursuits. He passed away on his farm on the 21st of April, 1912, and there the mother's death occurred two days later. The funeral services for both were conducted at the same time and they were laid to rest side by side in the churchyard of St. Rose's parish. To them were born eight children, six of whom are living: William, who is a resident of Chicago; Elizabeth, the wife of Harry Brewer, of Chicago; Mary, who married Ralph Burns, of Chicago; John, who is also a resident of Chicago; Anna, the wife of Charles Parker, of Dallas, Texas; and Daniel J., our subject.

The father was one of the public-spirited men of his community and took an active interest in all political affairs, giving his support to the democratic party. He never sought office for himself, but earnestly assisted his friends who had political aspirations. Both he and the mother were ardent Catholics and belonged to St. Rose's parish.

The early years of Daniel J. Murphy were passed on his father's farm, and in the acquirement of his education he attended the district schools of Lima township. In 1893, he left home and went to Chicago, where for two years he followed railroading. At the time of the big strike in 1894, he remained loyal to his fellow employes and sustained the principles of the union by obeying the command of its leaders to leave the service. The next year he returned home and rented the farm from his father and has ever since devoted his energies to agricultural pursuits and dairying.

At St. Rose's church on the 19th of April, 1898, Mr. Murphy was married to Miss Caroline Groeneveldt, a daughter of John Groeneveldt, a well known resident of this vicinity. Four children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Murphy: Dorothy, who died at the age of five years; Chauncey, who is nine years of age; Isabelle, who has passed her fifth birthday; and John, who celebrated the first anniversary of his birth on June 7, 1912.

The family attend St. Rose's Roman Catholic church, of which the parents are communicants, and politically Mr. Murphy is a democrat. He is widely known in this vicinity, where his family has resided for three generations, and has many friends, as he is a genial man of upright principles and is honest in his business transactions.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL