Emil Mohr

Emil Mohr is a prosperous representative of the business interests in Sheboygan, where he is conducting a bakery. He entered upon active connection with his present establishment in 1871, joining his father, August Mohr, who in that year established a bakery in this city. The son was born in Prenzlau, in northern Germany, August 18, 1854, his parents being August and Amelia (Stage) Mohr. The father learned his trade in his native country, where he remained until 1868, when he came direct to Sheboygan. Here he was in the employ of others until 1871. In 1869 two of his sons had come to America and in 1871 Emil Mohr, his sister and his grandmother crossed the Atlantic to join the others of the family in the new world. The mother had previously died in Germany in 1864.

Emil Mohr had also become acquainted with the baker's trade in the fatherland and on arriving in the new world he became associated in establishing a bakery in Sheboygan, of which his father remained at the head until his death in 1890. At that time his son, August Mohr, Jr., succeeded to the management of the business, which he controlled in a measure until 1909, when he, too, passed away. However, in the meantime Emil Mohr had become active manager of the business, taking charge in 1889. He had left Sheboygan in 1879 for Minneapolis, Minnesota, and had conducted a bakery in that city until 1887, when he returned to Sheboygan and was employed by his brother for two years. He then bought out the present bakery known as the old Fleicher bakery, which he has since conducted. It is today the largest enterprise of the kind in the town. He employs eight bakers; also four girls, one barn man, six clerks and a bookkeeper. His business has steadily grown in volume and importance and his tride covers a wide territory, the excellence of his bakery goods commending him to the partonage of the public not only in Sheboygan but throughout the surrounding country.

In 1877 Mr. Mohr was united in marriage in Sheboygan to Miss Mary Torpe, a daughter of Christ and Paulina Torpe, who came with their family from Germany when Mrs. Mohr was but four years of age. By her marriage she has become the mother of six children but two of the number, William and Frieda, are now deceased. The others are: Minnie; Paul, who is married and has a son, Arthur; Emil, who is living in Los Angeles, California; and Annie. The two sons have followed in the business footsteps of their father and are both bakers.

Forty-one years have passed since Emil Mohr became a resident of Sheboygan and, though he was absent from the city for a time, he has always been interested in its welfare and while residing here has been a cooperant factor in many measures which have been elements for public progress and improvement. He has been a member of the library board and belongs to the Turn Verein. He possesses many of the sterling characteristics of the German race and manifests also the enterprising spirit which has been a dominant factor in the upbuilding of the middle west. Coming to the new world in early manhood, he eagerly availed himself of business conditions and opportunities here offered and has made continuous advancement until he now occupies the foremost position as a representative of the baker's trade in Sheboygan.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL