John Methfessel

John Methfessel is the owner of a well known tailoring establishment in Sheboygan, his native city, and his record in business circles is a most enviable one. He has always continued in this line of business since starting out in the world on his own account, and unfaltering energy, excellent workmanship and honorable methods have constituted elements in his growing success. He was born in November, 1872, a son of Gottlieb Methfessel, who was a native of Saxony, Germany, and when five years of age was brought by his parents to the United States. After landing on the Atlantic coast they at once continued their journey with Sheboygan as their destination, the family being one of the first to settle in this county, coming about 1852.

The grandparents of our subject were John and Doretta ( Bube) Methfessel, who felt that they would find greater opportunities in America which would enable the husband and father to provide a better living for the family and more rapidly attain success. He was a stone mason by vtrade and followed that occupation after coming to Wisconsin. Here he continued to reside until his life's labors were ended in death in 1910 when he was eighty-five years of age. His son, Gottlieb Methfessel, was but twelve years of age when he began learning the carpenter's trade and he afterward also mastered the trade of cabinet-making. For twenty-one years he was employed in the Phoenix factory of this city and gradually worked his way upward until he became foreman. He is today one of the oldest men who has been continuously engaged in the furniture and chair manufacturing business in Wisconsin, and his expert workmanship and faithfulness have enabled him to command good positions. He married Miss Marie Waechter and they are living at the ages of sixty-three and fifty-nine respectively. Mrs. Methfessel is a daughter of Henry and Wilhelmina Waechter, who came to Sheboygan in pioneer days.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Methfessel were born six children, of whom John is the eldest. The others are: William, a machinist residing in Sheboygan; Emma, the wife of William Bube; Tillie, the wife of Ed Theisen of Sheboygan; and Arthur and Alfred who are residents of Milwaukee.

At the usual age John Methfessel became a pupil in the public schools of this city and in the acquirement of his education passed through successive grades as he mastered the various branches of learning that constitute the public-school curriculum. He afterward took up the tailoring business under H. & C. Inig, with whom he remained for twelve years, gaining expert knowledge and skill in that line. He was subsequently connected with Bodenstein Brothers, clothiers and tailors, and for the past fourteen years has engaged in business on his own account in the conduct of a well appointed tailoring establishment. He is thoroughly conversant with the trade, follows the most advanced styles, and the excellence of workmanship in his shop is also a factor in his growing patronage.

In 1899 Mr. Methfessel was married to Miss Elizabeth Eberlein, a daughter of Philip and Elizabeth (Lahr) Eberlein, the former a barber by trade, who later, however, worked as a ship's carpenter. Mr. Methfessel was reared in the Reformed church. He belongs to no lodges or societies nor does he take an active part in politics, preferring to give undivided time and attention to his business affairs, knowing that there is no excellence without labor and no success without earnest effort. He belongs to that class of men who have made Sheboygan one of the enterprising, progressive cities of the middle west.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL