August C. Mallmann

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Mallmann

August C. Mallmann, a mason contractor of Sheboygan Falls, is meeting with excellent success in his business and is one of the foremost men in local building circles. He was born in Lima township on the rst of March, 1872, and has passed the greater part of his life in Sheboygan county. His father, Herman Mallmann, was a native of Germany, his birth having occurred on the 6th of November, 1844. When a child of seven years he accompanied bis parents on their removal to America, the family home thereafter being located in Sheboygan county.

At the age of fourteen years he left the parental roof and started out to earn his own living. He began his independent career in Michigan where for several years he worked in the copper mines. At the expiration of that time he returned to Sheboygan and obtained a position as teamster which he retained until 1871. In the latter year he invested his savings in forty-eight acres of land on section I Lima township where his widow still resides and turned his attention to agricultural pursuits. In connection with farming for eleven years he was associated with a Mr. Goerlitz, who is now deceased, in the operation of a threshing outfit. He subsequently withdrew from this business however giving his entire attention to the cultivation and improvement of his farm from that time until his death on the 13th of April, 1903. He is buried in the Sheboygan Falls cemetery.

At Trinity Lutheran church in Sheboygan on the 5th of February, 1871, Mr. Mallmann was married to Miss Bertha Goecke, a daughter of Jacob and Johanna Goecke, one of the pioneer settlers of Sheboygan county. He was a native of the same place in Germany as Mr. Mitwede who is mentioned elsewhere in this work and together they emigrated to the United States, locating in this county.

The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Mallmann, the eldest of whom is our subject: Josephine, who married Herman Sommer, of Sheboygan; Herman, who is a resident of Sheboygan Falls; Sarah, who is living on a claim in South Dakota; Mary, who married H. F. Koenig, of Lima township; Oscar, who died when he was six weeks old; Toni, a nurse in a hospital at Fort Wayne, Indiana; Meta, who married August Last, of Sheboygan; Jacob, who is living at home; Alma, who is employed in Sheboygan Falls; and Selma, who is attending the high school in Sheboygan Falls.

Mr. Mallmann was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran church in Sheboygan Falls, as is also his widow, and for several years held the office of elder, and in politics he was a democrat. Reared at home, in the acquirement of his education August C. Mallmann attended the district schools of Lima township, completing his course of study in Sheboygan Falls. At the age of fourteen years he terminated his student days and from then until he was nineteen he was employed in the factory of Richeson Brothers, while the succeeding three years were spent as an apprentice to the masons' trade.

At the expiration of his period of service he again became identified with Richeson Brothers, remaining with them for six years. He next went to Calumet, Michigan, where for one season he followed his trade, subsequently returning to Sheboygan county. Upon the death of his father, he took charge of the farm for his mother, and in the fall of that year he purchased thirty-six acres of land located on section 2, Lima township, adjoining the homestead. He diligently cultivated both tracts for three years, but in July, 1906, he withdrew from the work of the fields and came to Sheboygan Falls, where he has since engaged in masonry contracting. The first year he worked alone, but the second season he employed three men and his business has continually increased until his pay roll now carries from fifteen to twenty names all of the time. He takes contracts not only in Sheboygan Falls, but in the country adjacent and has the largest business in this line of any man in the community. His country work consists largely of putting in cement cellars, floors and silos, as well as the building of fireplaces and foundations. He is a skilled workman, efficient and reliable and fulfills the terms of his contracts with dispatch and honesty.

In connection with contracting Mr. Mallmann carries a large stock of cement and other materials used by masons, which he sells both retail and wholesale. He is making marked progress in his business and is numbered among the substantial citizens of the town. He retained his land in Lima township until January of this year, when he disposed of it, realizing a good profit on the investment. Recently Mr. Mallmann purchased two lots on Levins avenue and has a thoroughly modern, nineteen-room home under way of construction, which is nearing completion at this writing.

At Wrightstown, Brown county, Wisconsin, on the 18th of October, 1910, Mr. Mallmann was united in marriage to Miss Rosa Eger, a daughter of Joseph Eger, who is now residing with our subject. Mr. Mallmann attends the Lutheran church and Mrs. Mallmann that of the Catholic denomination. Politically he is a democrat, but his business interests preclude the possibility of his holding an official position, although he is not remiss in his duties as a citizen, but takes an active interest in the progress of the town and the development of its various public utilities.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL