William 0. Kussbaumer

William 0. Kussbaumer is one of those who have gained for Sheboygan county its reputation as a cheese-manufacturing center. He has one of the most splendidly equipped cheese factories in the county and is doing a business which in volume and importance places him with the foremost in his line in this part of the state. He comes from a country noted for its cheese products, being a native of Switzerland, where his birth.occurred July 11, 1880. His father, Joseph Nussbaumer, brought his family to the new world when his son William 0. was but four years of age and made his way at once to Chicago, from which city he removed to Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and later to Sheboygan, where he settled upon a farm.

William 0. Nussbaumer acquired his early education in the public schools of Sheboygan, afterward studied for a time in Cedarburg and later finished his course in Sheboygan, but at the age of fourteen years left school in order to give his parents the benefit of his services. He worked with his father until 1900, at which time the family removed to Sheboygan Falls township, where they conducted the Halfway House, situated between Sheboygan and Plymouth. There they lived for ten years, William 0. Nussbaumer remaining at home through all but the last year of that period. He then left the parental roof and began learning the cheesemaking business, working at his trade in the employ of others until he came to Lima township and purchased a factory at the junction of Hingham and Waldo roads.

The factory was not in a very good condition, so in the fall of 1910 he began excavating for a new plant. The cold weather then came on and he abandoned the work for a few months but early in January, 1912, he removed to the new plant. He has a large two story building, the first floor being given to the factory and the second floor fitted up for residence purposes. Owing to the difficulty in obtaining help he had to do most of the work himself in addition to carrying on the manufacture of cheese. The plant has but recently been completed and is superior in appearance, equipment and sanitary conditions to any of the kind not only in Lima towship but in all Sheboygan county. The present capacity is ten thousand pounds of milk per day.

The cheese which he manufactures is of a high grade and excellent quality and finds a ready sale on the market. Mr. Nussbaumer has made for himself a creditable position in business circles in this connection and his success is the merited reward of earnest, persistent labor that does not falter in the face of difficulties or hardships.

On the 5th of February, 1910, Mr. Nussbaumer was united in marriage to Miss Ida B. Schreiber, a daughter of John and Adeline Schreiber, both of whom are natives of Sheboygan county, while the father is now a well known farmer of Sheboygan Falls township. Mr. and Mrs. Nussbaumer are well known in the district which has been their home throughout practically their entire lives. Mr. Nussbaumer has many of the commendable characteristics of the Swiss people and in his business he has illustrated the fact that his fellow countrymen, if they possess qualities similar to his, have well merited the reputation which they enjoy as cheese manufacturers.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL