Edwin Koellmer

Almost as soon as his school days were over Edwin Koellmer became connected with the office of register of deeds in which he occupied clerical positions until elected to the office in the fall of 1910. He took up the duties thereof in January the following year, his various experiences well qualifying him for the responsibilities that now devolve upon him. He is one of Sheboygan county's native sons, his birth having occurred in the town of Mosel, February 20, 1881, his parents being Frank and Emma (Wippermann) Koellmer, who are still living in Mosel. The father was for many years engaged in farming but is now retired.

As the name indicates, he comes of German ancestry and was born in the fatherland in 1851. He is a son of Fred Koellmer who in 1854 bid adieu to friends and native country and with his family set out for the new world. He did not tarry on the Atlantic coast but proceeded into the interior and settled on a farm near Mosel, becoming one of the prominent and influential agriculturists of that district in which he continued to reside until called to his final rest. His son, Frank Koellmer, was reared in the town of Mosel and also became a leading farmer of the county.

The boyhood and youth of Edwin Koellmer were divided between the acquirement of an education and the work of the fields for as soon as old enough to handle a plow he began assisting his father in the cultivation of the crops. He supplemented his public-school education acquired in the rural districts by a general commercial course in the business college of Sheboygan. Following his graduation from that institution he accepted a position as clerk in the office of register of deeds at Sheboygan and has here remained. His long service in a clerical capacity made him acquainted with the duties of the office and well prepared him for the responsibilities that have devolved upon him since his election as successor of L. G. Cornelius.

In 1904 Mr. Koellmer was married to Miss Margaret Knuth, of Sheboygan, a daughter of Henry Knuth, and they have two children, Florence and Margaret. They have an extended acquaintance socially, and the warm regard of those who know them is freely given them. Mr. Koellmer is at all times approachable and genial, courteous and obliging, and his attractive qualities have made him popular with his fellow citizens.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL