August Klewe

One of the extensive and profitably conducted wholesale liquor houses of Sheboygan is the property of the Klewe Brothers, one of the partners being August Klewe, whose name introduces this record. He is justly accounted one of the progressive and enterprising business men of the city and has placed his dependence upon the safe, substantial qualities of energy and unfaltering determination. He was born in Brandenburg, Germany, January 4, 1859, and is a son of William and Wilhelmina (Peter) Klewe. The father, who was an innkeeper in his native country, died in 1860, when but thirty-six years of age. He was long survived by his wife, who passed away in 1899, at the age of sixty-seven years. After the death of her first husband she became the wife of Carl Krieger, who died in 1880 and who was engaged in the same line of business as her first husband. Her father, Henry Peter, was a shepherd in Germany.

By the first marriage the mother had three sons, of whom William, one of the first settlers of Sheboygan, took an active part in the upbuilding of the city in pioneer times and here resided until his death. The other brothers, Charles and August, are partners in the ownership and conduct of a wholesale liquor business. By the mother's second marriage there were born two daughters, one of whom has passed away, while the other, Anna, is the wife of W. Shultz, of Prenzlau, Germany.

As a boy August Klewe devoted his time largely to obtaining an education in the public schools of his native country and afterward followed in his father's business footsteps in that he became active in the conduct of a hotel or inn, with which he was connected to the age of twenty-nine years. The favorable reports which he heard concerning America and its opportunities led him to the determination to leave his native country and seek a home in the new world. The voyage over, he made his way to Sheboygan and has since been connected with the wholesale liquor trade of this city, entering into his present partnership with his brother Charles in 1897. He had at that time been a resident of this city for nine years, during which period he had carefully saved his earnings until his industry and his careful expenditure had brought him sufficient capital to enable him to become one of the proprietors of the large wholesale liquor establishments which he now conducts.

In 1892 Mr. Klewe was married to Miss Bertha Fritsch, who was born October 28, 1878, and is a daughter of Fred Fritsch, a farmer who married a Miss Gottman. Both are still living. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Klewe have been born four children: Cora and Adena, aged nineteen and seventeen years respectively and now pupils in the high school; Nora, sixteen years of age; and Erma, thirteen years of age. Mr. Klewe and his family are members of the Lutheran church of Sheboygan and are interested in that which pertains to the moral as well as to the material progress of the community. He has a wide acquaintance in this city, gaining the warm regard of his fell ow countrymen and of people of other nationalities as well. He has never had occasion to regret his determination to come to the United States, for here he has prospered as the years have gone by, his life demonstrating that success is not the outcome of fortunate circumstances but results from clear judgment, experience and indefatigable energy.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL