Frank R. Jackson

One of the principal sources of income in Sheboygan county is dairy farming, and prominent among those who are engaged in this line of activity is Frank R. Jackson. One of the county's native sons, Mr. Jackson was born in Lyndon township, September 11, 1861, a son of Abraham N. and Sara (Parkerson) Jackson. The father, who was born near Boonville, New York, on the 23rd of February, 1821, was a representative of an old New York family, established near Boonville, that state, the various members of the family engaging in agricultural pursuits. He left the Empire state in 1858, coming west to Sheboygan county, Wisconsin, and engaged in farming in Lyndon township for a number of years. He retired from active life, however, in 1894, taking up his home in Sheboygan Falls, and three years later he passed away. His wife, however, is still living in this county.

Reared amid the scenes and activities of farm life, Frank R. Jackson acquired his education in the district school near his father's home, and when not engaged with his text-books he helped in the work of the fields, giving his parents the benefit of his assistance until he was thirty years of age. At that time he went to the village of Plymouth and was employed by others until 1893, when he again took up farming and in 1898 purchased the place upon which he now lives, consisting of seventy acres of land which he has brought under a high state of cultivation. He makes a specialty of dairying, keeping on band for this purpose a herd of good, graded Holstein cattle, and this department of his enterprise has now become a very substantial source of profit. Industry, close application and excellence in output have been the guiding points in his business career, and by virtue of these qualities he has reached an enviable position among the prosperous dairy farmers of his community.

Mr. Jackson was married, in 1891, to Miss Minnie Schlief, a daughter of George and Mary (Saliger) Schlief, the former a member of a family which came from Germany to the United States, representatives of the name locating in Washington county, Wisconsin, at a very early day. George Schlief, who has now reached the age of eighty years, continues to make his home in that section of the state, while Mary Schlief, the mother, passed away when the wife of our subject was still young. He has been married three times and became the father of eighteen children, Mrs. Jackson having been born unto his first union. By her marriage to Mr. Jackson she became the mother of two children, namely: Mabel, now engaged in teaching school; and Waylon, whose birth occurred in 1900. The family attend the services of the Congregational church and Mr. Jackson holds membership in the Equitable Fraternal Union. He is a man of high moral character who in his life exemplifies the purpose and honorable principles which speak for valuable citizenship and win warm regard.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL