Russell Hyatt

Russell Hyatt, who was for many years identified with the. agricultural development of Sheboygan county, but is now living retired in Hingham, was born in Putnam county, New York, on the 7th of October, 1830. His father, James D. Hyatt, was also a native of Putnam county, his birth having occurred on the 24th of October, 1803. In 1854, he removed with his family to Wisconsin, arriving in Sheboygan on April 13 of that year. Soon after his arrival he purchased a hundred and sixty acres of land a mile west of Hingham, known as the Webster farm. He diligently applied himself to the further cultivation and improvement of this place during the remainder of his active life. He passed away on his farm on October 18, 1860, his death resulting from injuries sustained in an accident. He was descended from an old New York family, his father, Russell Hyatt, having lived and died in the Empire state, where he was likewise born.

The mother, whose maiden name was Minerva Mead, was also born in Putnam county, her natal day having been the 27th of June, 1808. She was a daughter of Jeremiah Mead, who came to Wisconsin about 1845, locating at West Bend, Wisconsin, in Washington county, where he lived until the death of his wife, Charlotte. He then came to Lyndon township, where he passed away before the Civil war. Mrs. Hyatt died on the home farm on the 18th of October, 1856. There were born to her the following children, all of whom lived to attain maturity with the exception of one son, Clarence, who died at the age of six years; Major, who died in 1891; Anna Eliza, whose death occurred in 1900; Alva, who is also deceased; Russell, our subject; A. X. Hyatt, who died on the 9th of November, 1905; Moseman, whose death occurred March 29, 1909; Sarah Jane, who died on the 15th of April, 1905; Jeremiah, who is likewise deceased; Chauncey, who is a resident of Los Angeles, California; Frederick, who passed away on the 17th of October, 1907; Emma, the widow of Alonzo Ames, also of Los Angeles, California; John, who makes his home in Lincoln, Nebraska; Charlotte, who passed away on May 3, 1904; and Catharine, who is a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska. After the death of the mother the father married again and to him and his second wife there was born one daughter, Amanda, who married Andrew Robinson, of Mondova, Buffalo county, Wisconsin.

The early fife of Russell Hyatt was passed in his native county, his education being obtained in the district schools of Kent township. His energies were always devoted to agricultural pursuits until he removed to Hingham, and while residing in New York he assisted his father with the cultivation of the home farm, which was very large. He came west with his people in 1854, and in the autumn of that year bought eighty acres of land in Holland township, which he improved and cultivated until he withdrew from active work in 1893, and leasing his farm came to Hingham to live. During the first nine years of his residence here he rented a house, but at the expiration of that time he sold his farm, and purchasing some land erected thereon the residence he now occupies. He has a very comfortable home and a large garden, in the cultivation of which he spends much time, taking great pride in having it known as one of the best in the town.

Mr. Hyatt has been married twice. His first union was with Miss Sarah Mabie, of Putnam county, New York, the event being celebrated on the 3rd of December, 1854. They became the parents of six children: Frank, who died in Oregon in 1888; William, who is a resident of Hingham; Alva, who lives in Holland township; Ernest, of Sheboygan Falls; Lilly, the wife of Levi Braisure of Portland, Oregon, and Gertrude, who is living in Sheboygan.

The wife and mother passed away on the 1st of. July, 1888, and on May 8, 1893, Mr. Hyatt married his present wife, whose maiden name was Minnie Kuehne. Her parents were Frederick and Amelia (White) Kuehne, natives of Germany, whence they came to Sheboygan county in 1854, locating at Hingham, where the father followed the cooper's trade. They are both now deceased. Mrs. Hyatt was the widow of Phillip Dell, by whom she had the following children: Florence, the widow of the Rev. A. C. Robinson, who was pastor of the Baptist church of Mondova, Buffalo county, this state; Oscar Dell, who is residing in Hingham; Effie, the deceased wife of William Stamerdink of Oostburg, Wisconsin; Anna, who married William P. Walker, of Roberts, Wisconsin; and Lilly, who died at the age of two years.

In religious faith Mr. Hyatt is a Baptist, as is also his wife, and has for thirty years been deacon of the church of that denomination in Lyndon township. He votes the republican ticket, believing its policy is best adapted to protect the highest interests of the people. Fifty-eight years have elapsed since Mr. Hyatt first came to Sheboygan county, during which time marvelous changes have taken place, the vast timber tracts having been converted into beautiful and highly cultivated farms, while thriving towns and villages have sprung up where there was not a vestige of human habitation when he located here.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL