Herman F. Hinze

Herman F. Hinze is the proprietor and manager of the Barracks Buffet at 1128 North Eighth street. He was born in Germany, September 22, 1883, a son of William and Mary (Kroll) Hinze, both natives of the fatherland. The father was a teamster in the village of Schenkenberg, being in the employ of a man who owned several thousand acres of land. He remained with that employer until he emigrated to America in 1889, and after landing in the new world proceeded to Altamont, Illinois, where he took up the vocation of railroading. He remained thus employed for about one year and then removed to Sheboygan City, where he went to work in a tannery, a vocation which he is still following.

Herman F. Hinze was one of six children in his father's family, he being the second in order of birth. He was educated in the public and parochial schools of Sheboygan where he grew to manhood, and after laying aside his text-books he was empolyed in the furniture factories of his adopted city. He later took up the cabinetmaker's trade, and after working for some time for wages at that vocation he, in partnership with William C. Hinze, purchased the place known as the Waldschloesschen Picnic Park and Armory near the city. In 1908 he purchased his partner's interest and was sole owner and manager of the place for several years. On July 1, 1912, he sold out and purchased his present place of business.

Mr. Hinze was married, June 17, 1905, to Miss Itta Luedke, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Luedke, both of whom were natives of Germany. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hinze three children have been born; Reuben, June 18, 1900; Harvey, May 16, 1908; and Norma, born in March, 1912.

Mr. Hinze is a member of the Eagles, the Order of Moose, the Germania and the Ancient Order of Buffaloes. He is of that affable and friend-making disposition so necessary in the conduct of any commercial enterprise, and as the result of his good management as well as his social qualities he has made a fine success of the business. He is a popular man in Sheboygan and community, and enjoys an enviable reputation for integrity, business ability and the many excellent qualities which go to make up a representative and respected citizen.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL