Henry W. Hartman

Henry W. Hartman is well known in Sheboygan county, where he was born and grew to manhood and where he and the members of his family have taken the parts of active and progressive citizens. He was born September 2, 1874, in Wilson township, and is a son of Derrick J. and A. L. Aida (Kroschot) Hartman, the former born July 14, 1821, and the latter September 20, 1838.

In 1846 the father came to Wilson township with his father, also Derrick J. by name, and his brother, Evert, and together they purchased the whole of section 32, and one hundred and sixty acres on section 31. Eventually a small part of this was sold but the greater part was divided upon the father's death between the brothers Derrick J., the father of Henry W., of this review, and Evert. Derrick J. Hartman lived upon his land throughout his lifetime and after having sold portions of his original property still retained two hundred and forty acres at the time of his death, which occurred July 10, 1888, a few days before his sixty-seventh birthday. His wife was a native of Gelderland, Holland, a daughter of John William and Berandina (Ten Dame) Kroschot, early settlers of Wilson township. She passed away upon the home farm September 12, 1884, only a few days before her forty-sixth birthday.

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Derrick J. Hartman numbered twelve children and the six living all reside within the borders of Sheboygan county. They are as follows: John, who resides in Oostburg; Cena, who is the wife of William Veldboom, who purchased a part of the Hartman homestead upon which he resides; Delia, who makes her home with her sister, Mrs. Veldboom; Hannah, who is the wife of William Dirkse, of Wilson township, who owns a part of the original Hartman farm; Henry, the subject of this sketch; and Jacob, who makes his home with his brother Henry.

The parents were members of the Reformed church at Oostburg and earnest workers in its behalf, and for many years Mr. Hartman was one of the church officers. Henry W. Hartman received his education in district school No. 5, in Wilson township. When he was about fourteen years of age he lost his father and after that time he and his brother Jacob assisted their older brother John with the work of the farm. When Henry attained his majority he received eighty acres of land as his share of his father's property but later he sold this tract and purchased the eighty acres which had been his brother Jacob's share in the homestead and upon this farm he makes his home. He has specialized upon his dairy, which he conducts in a thorough manner, and he also raises a considerable amount of grain. For twenty years he has operated a threshing outfit which he owned in partnership with his brother Jacob for the first two years but has since owned independently.

On the 27th of October, 1897, Mr. Hartman was united in marriage to Miss Peternella Daane, a daughter of William and Minnie (Wickham) Daane. The parents were former residents of Wilson township but now make their home in Fairwater. Mr. and Mrs. Hartman are the parents of seven children, as follows: John, aged fourteen; Wilma, aged eleven; Elmer, aged nine; Oscar, aged seven; Luella, aged four; Esther, aged two; and Elizabeth, born November 27, 1911. Mr. Hartman is a republican but never having sought office does not actively engage in political affairs, pref erring to center his interest upon the education of his children, and to concentrate his energies upon the development of his farm property. He is a member of the reformed church of Oostburg, in which he is serving his first term as deacon. The measures of prosperity to which he has attained is well merited and reflects great credit upon him.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL