Albert Freyberg, Sr.

History is no longer a record of wars and conquests but rather the account of commercial and industrial progress as man utilizes the natural resources of a country or takes advantage of existing conditions in the development and conduct of business affairs. The men, therefore, who are most prominent factors in public life today are those who are controlling the veins and arteries of traffic and trade, and in this connection more than passing mention should be made of Albert Freyberg, Sr., who is the president of the C. B. Freyberg Lumber Company and the vice president of the Sheboygan Novelty Company. He has been connected with the lumber interests of Sheboygan for more than thirty years and throughout the entire period has maintained an unassailable reputation for the integrity of his methods, his life history proving that prosperity and an honored name may be won simultaneously.

He was born in Germany, August 28, 1848, and as a boy came to the new 'world with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Freyberg. The family settled first in Milwaukee but after a year came to Sheboygan. The father was a blacksmith and followed his trade for five years in this city, at the end of which time he removed to Howards Grove, where he opened a smithy. In addition to his work at the forge and anvil he manufactured split shingles, being one of the first to engage in that line of business in this vicinity. After about seven years spent at Howards Grove he removed with his family to Manitowoc, where he purchased a sawmill. His three sons, Charles, Herman and Albert, were then old enough to become actively engaged in business with him and for several years they operated the sawmill in Manitowoc county, after which they returned to Sheboygan and built the City Stone Mill, a flour mill which is still standing. For a number of years they continued successfully in that business and then established a lumber yard, at the same time conducting a store and flour mill. The triple interest engaged their attention for several years.

In the meantime, the father retired from business but the three sons continued and were partners until the death of the eldest brother, Charles, of whom extended mention is made elsewhere in this volume. This was in June, 1908, and since that time Herman and Albert Freyberg have been partners in the business, which is now conducted under the name of the C. B. Freyberg Lumber Company, with Albert Freyberg as the president. Extending the scope of their activities, they established the Sheboygan Novelty Company, a plant that employs one hundred and fifty operatives in the manufacture of cabinets, bookcases, ladies' writing desks, etc. The business today is one of growing importance and the success of the undertaking has its root in the sound business judgment, keen sagacity and unfaltering enterprise of the partners.

In 1874, Mr. Freyberg was united in marriage to Miss Reike Groh, and unto them five children have been born: Albert, Jr., who is superintendent of the Sheboygan Novelty Company; Nora, the wife of Charles Bissett, of New York city; and Elsa, Laura and Charles.

Albert Freyberg and his brother are worthy representatives of one of the old German families. They are self-made men, who owe their success to their energy, determination and sagacity, and since entering upon trade circles they have ever followed constructive methods, using the means nearest at hand in the upbuilding of business interests which have now reached extensive proportions and are factors in the general prosperity of the community as well as in individual success.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL