Nicholas Ewerhardt

The press of Sheboygan finds a worthy representative in Nicholas Ewerhardt, vice president of the National Demokrat Publishing Company, who throughout his entire life has been identified with newspaper publication. Sheboygan was but a small town when on the 18th of October, 1853, his birth here occurred. His father, John Ewerhardt, was born in the grand duchy of Luxemburg, and throughout his entire life he followed the tailor's trade. In his native country he wedded Margaret Reding, who was born in Luxemburg, on October 23, 1821, and on May 26, 1852, they arrived in Sheboygan, coming by way of the Great Lakes from Buffalo. Here he again took up the tailoring business in which he continued throughout his business career. He died on January 21, 1907, at the age of eighty four years, his wife having passed away on March 27, 1899. In their family were eight children of whom six are yet living, namely: Nicholas; Helen, who is the widow of Alvin Franke of Milwaukee; John; Elizabeth, living in Chicago; Mary, at home; and Margaret, the wife of Peter Philippe of Milwaukee.

Nicholas Ewerhardt has justly earned the trite but altogether expressive term, "a self-made man," for whatever success he has achieved and enjoyed as the years have passed has come to him as the reward of his own labors. He started out to earn his own living when a youth of thirteen, and for four years was employed by August Pott, publisher of the Sheboygan Zeitung. He then left Sheboygan for Milwaukee where he remained for two years and then spent a similiar period in Chicago, but at the time of the great fire in that city in October, 1871, he returned to Sheboygan. Subsequently he went to Watertown, Wisconsin, where he spent a year and a half in a printing office and then became connected with the Sheboygan Herald.

In 1880 he left this city with the proprietor of the Herald for Durango, Colorado, but after a brief period spent in that city returned to Wisconsin and since 1881 has been continuously connected with the National Demokrat, being now vice president of the company, which owns the paper, and foreman of the office. He has been active in making this one of the leading newspapers of this section of the state. It has ever been the advocate of the interests of the German-American citizens here, yet is sufficiently broad in its views and its purposes to support all projects and measures which are promulgated for the benefit of the entire public without regard to class or race. In fact, the Demokrat has become largely the mirror of public opinion and has also done much to guide public thought and action, seeking at all times progress and improvement.

Mr. Ewerhardt was married to Miss Bertha Brand, a native of Sheboygan and a daughter of Andreas Brand, of Gotha, Thuringia, Germany, whose wife bore the maiden name of Georgiana Buckel. Mr. and Mrs. Ewerhardt have become the parents of seven children, four of whom are yet living: Otto J. Ewerhardt; Dr. F. H. Ewerhardt, who is physical director of Washington University in St. Louis; Lydia, the wife of John Diestelhorst of Sheboygan; and Dr. Paul J. Ewerhardt, a graduate of Washington University.

Mr. and Mrs. Ewerhardt lost two children in infancy while a daughter, Alma, who became the wife of E. Dix, died October 15, 1899. Mr. Ewerhardt was reared in the faith of the Catholic church. He belongs to the Sheboygan Mutual Laborers' Benevolent Association, of which he is a trustee and which he joined upon its organization and is also a member of the Turnverein "Sheboygan." For one term he served as alderman of his ward, to which position he was elected on the democratic ticket. He is interested in matters of public policy and in the significant questions of the day.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL