Edwin Dix

Unfaltering enterprise and progressiveness have constituted the salient features in the life record of Edwin Dix and have brought to him what is now an extensive and profitable business conducted under the name of the Dix Printing Company. He has been a lifelong resident of Sheboygan, born here October 4, 1881. His father, Peter Dix, who was of American birth, came to this city at an early day and followed the mason's trade. He married Henrietta Werthman, who now makes her home with her son Edwin, the husband and father having passed away April 17, 1909, when sixty-five years of age. In their family were six daughters and two sons.

Edwin Dix started in the business world as an apprentice at the printer's trade and acquainted himself with all branches of the business. Later he engaged in newspaper work for three years and in 1900 he organized what is now known as the Dix Printing Company. When a boy in school he had first shown a keen interest in printing by starting a small printing plant. He built a small place near his father's home, solicited patronage, and in this manner laid the foundation for his later success, not so much in the volume of business which he was then able to do as in the fact that he established himself as an energetic, enterprising, ambitious and reliable youth-qualities which have been manifest throughout his entire life and have constituted the strongest element in his growing success. He now conducts a general job printing business and his patronage is extensive. His plant is equipped with all modern improvements and his is one of the largest printing businesses in this section of the state.

On the 9th of March, 1904, Mr. Dix was married to Miss Alma M. Ewerhardt, a daughter of Nicholas Ewerhardt, of whom mention is made elsewhere in this volume. Mrs. Dix passed away October 17, 1909, leaving two children, Karl T. and Dorothy, who are now aged respectively seven and four years.

Mr. Dix belongs to the Elks and the Knights of Pythias lodges in Sheboygan and also to the Tumverein. He has a wide acquaintance in this city where he has always lived, his life being characterized by principles which have made his course at all times such a one as commands public confidence and regard. In all his business career he has been actuated by a spirit of enterprise that has kept him in touch with the advancement that has characterized the printing business in late years. The output of his establishment indicates all the latest improvements in the printer's art, and the attractive quality of the workmanship is a feature that has contributed to the success of the undertaking.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL