John Dassow

John Dassow is now living retired upon his farm of eighty acres four miles west of Sheboygan Falls and is enjoying a period of rest after a life of activity along business, political and agricultural lines. He is one of the foremost citizens of Sheboygan Falls township and has always been an active force in the development of its resources and the promotion of its industries. He is a native of Germany, his birth having occurred in Mecklenburg, August 10, 1845. His parents were Hans and Anna (Witt) Dassow, both natives of Germany, who came to the United States in 1861 and settled in Sheboygan county, Wisconsin.

The father was a true German, industrious, energetic and economical, and at the end of four years he was able to buy one hundred and thirty acres of land in this district, which he improved and cultivated until his death in 1902. His wife survived him for six years, her death occurring in Sheboygan Falls township in 1908. They were the parents of eight children, four of whom are still living: John, the subject of this review; Henry, who is married and resides at Sheboygan Falls; Louis, who lives with his wife in Minnesota; Frank, who is also married and a resident of Menominee, Wisconsin, and is a cabinet and piano maker; two who died in Germany in infancy; William, who moved to Medford upon his marriage and was accidently killed in 1903; and one other child who died in infancy.

John Dassow was educated in the public schools of his native country and was sixteen years of age when he came with his parents to Sheboygan county, Wisconsin. In the spring of 1864 he enlisted in Company G, Thirty-sixth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. His regiment under command of Colonel Haskell was stationed for a short time at Camp Randall, near Madison, Wisconsin. It was then ordered to the front and assigned to a position in the Army of the Potomac, then one of the best equipped and organized forces of the Federal army. Mr. Dassow participated in the battle of Cold Harbor June 3, 1864, where he witnessed the defeat of the northern forces. He participated in the battle of Hatcher's Run, in which his regiment was under fire continuously during the engagement. The winter of 1864 to 1865 was spent in winter quarters and in the spring of the latter year the regiment followed the line of the enemy with occasional engagements until the famous surrender at Appomattox.

John Dassow saw General Lee hand over his sword to General Grant in token of surrender and in July, 1865, received his honorable discharge at Jeffersonville, Indiana, after almost two years of worthy service in his country's cause. He returned immediately to Sheboygan county, where he engaged in various occupations along agricultural and industrial lines. For twenty-five years he owned and operated the Sheboygan County Mills and was also interested during that time in several local cheese factories. He has a keen instinct for business, sound judgment and a discriminating mind and these qualities have made his career in manufacturing circles of Sheboygan county successful. For some time he interested himself in real estate, buying and selling several tracts of land in Sheboygan county and showing in his operations keen discrimination and knowledge of values. He is now the owner of eighty acres four miles west of Sheboygan Falls, where he is living a retired life with one of his sons, who manages the farm and directs the operations incident to the carrying on of his father's business.

John Dassow was married June 26, 1871, to Miss Sophia Schoenrock, a native of Germany who came to America with her parents at an early date. Her father, John Schoenrock, died several years ago and the mother passed away in Sheboygan Falls township, July 12, 1912.

Mr. Dassow and his wife are the parents of eight children: Emma, the wife of Gustave Blanke, a prominent farmer of Sheboygan Falls township; William, who is married and follows the milling trade in the same district; August, also married, who is engaged in the occupation of farming in Sheboygan county; Herman, who is married, a merchant in Wood county, Wisconsin; Minnie, who married William Fisher, farmer near Plymouth; John, who lives with his wife on his father's farm; Alice, who is married to John Peters, a cheese maker in this district; and Edward, married and engaged in cheese making in Mosel township.

Mr. Dassow is a consistent democrat in his political views and has always taken an active interest in the welfare of his section of the country. He served as township supervisor for seven years and was chairman of the town board for twelve years. He is well known throughout Sheboygan county as an intelligent promoter of the cause of education. He served for twenty-five years as treasurer of the local school board and made a record efficiency and broad-mindedness in this office. On November 8, 18g3, he was elected assemblyman from the second district of Sheboygan county and in this capacity he served with honor for two years.

As a veteran of the Civil war he is a member of Richardson Post, No. 12, G. A. R. He has now given up practically all active interest in the many affairs with which he was identified during the course of his career. He has many friends in Sheboygan county and is well and favorably known throughout the district. He can look back upon a long period of activity, marked by intelligent service in the cause of the people and by industry and energy in the development of the business and agricultural resources of She boygan county.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL