Fred Dankwart

Dairying constitutes a chief source of revenue for the people of Sheboygan county. In its rich pastures are seen high grade cattle and well equipped dairies sending their products into various sections of the country. The district has justly won fame in this connection and to the reputation gained Fred Dankwart has contributed, for he is today numbered among the foremost dairymen of his part of the state. He was born in Sheboygan township October 27, 1877, and is a son of John Dankwart, a native of Mecklenburg, Germany, born January 21, 1844. He came to Wisconsin some time prior to the year 1858 and for a number of years was in the employ of a Mr. Poppy near Sheboygan. Carefully saving his earnings he later purchased the farm on section 9, Lima township, on which his son Fred now lives. He married Rose Langner, a daughter of Frederick Langner. They became the parents of two children, Fred; and Clara, now the wife of Charles Frerk, of Milwaukee. The mother died on the old homestead farm June 12, 1895.

In the district schools of Sherman township and at Five Corners, Fred Dankwart pursued his education and was early trained to farm work, becoming acquainted with the best methods of tilling the soil and cultivating the fields. He has lived upon his present farm since his father's death. For two years he was engaged in well drilling but now devotes his attention almost exclusively to the dairy business, handling in this connection thirty eight head of Holstein cattle, a number of which are pure bred and registered. His dairy products because of their excellence, find a ready sale on the market. Neatness and thrift characterize the place and his dairying interests are conducted along modern scientific lines so that purity of products features as one of the important elements in his work. He has made many improvements upon his place, all of his buildings except the house having been erected within the last eight years.

Mr. Dankwart was married at Five Corners, on the 18th of June, 1902, to Miss Rose Van DeLoo, of Lima township. Mrs. Dankwart is a member of the Catholic church while her husband attends the Lutheran church at Sheboygan Falls. They are both interested in the moral as well as the material progress of the community. Mr. Dankwart is not a party man in politics but casts his ballot for the candidate whom he thinks best qualified for office. He has had a very busy and useful life and his industry and determination have brought him a measure of success which is, indeed, very gratifying.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL