Richard Breehm

Among the many extensive owners of farm lands in this section who have done so much to develop the natural resources of the state and to contribute to its growth and prosperity by the cultivation of its soil is Richard Brehm, now engaged in the development of a one hundred and sixty acre farm in Wilson township. He is a native of this section, where he was born September 17, 1872. His father was Jacob Brehm, of whom more extended mention is made on another page in this work.

Richard Brehm received his early education in the district schools of Wilson township and this was later supplemented by a course in the Sheboygan Business College. After he was graduated from this institution he returned to the home farm and worked for his father until he was twenty-three years of age. This experience was found to be invaluable to him in his later agricultural career. He gained a practical working knowledge of the details in the life, became acquainted with many of the emergencies which are constantly occurring on a large farm and grew to know the value of energy and resource as a factor in farm development.

In 1895 by great thrift he had succeeded in saving enough money to buy land of his own. He purchased one hundred and sixty acres in Wilson township and upon this farm he is now residing. The land was in an undeveloped condition at the time of his purchase and its present modern equipment and many barns and outbuildings are due entirely to his work and energy.

There were no buildings whatever upon the farm when it came into his possession. He erected a house, built outbuildings for the protection of grain and stock, established a dairy and installed modern, labor-saving farm machinery. His property is known as one of the most ably conducted, model farms in the county. He gives special attention to his dairy, keeping for this purpose twenty-eight head of graded Holstein stock. Mr. Brehm has proved himself an able and practical farmer and has been successful in the line of life in which he chose to engage.

In Wilson township on March 7, 1896, Mr. Brehm was united in marriage to Miss Anna Biederwolf, a daughter of Valentine Biederwolf, of Ozaukee county, Wisconsin, and they became the parents of two children, Elmer and Sadie. Mr. Brehm is prominent in various lines of activity in his native township and is a member of the American Equity Society. He gives the greater part of his time to the carrying on of his agricultural affairs and by his energy and hard work has transformed an unimproved tract of land into a model and up-to-date farm.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL