Fred W. Born

Like many of the prosperous farmers of Sheboygan county Fred W. Born is now operating the land which was the property of his father before him and upon which his family have lived since their settlement in America in 1869. He is a native of this section, having been born in Sheboygan county, on the old homestead, October 6, 1873. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Born, both natives of Germany. The father's birth occurred at Aschersleben and the mother's at Quedlinburg. They were married in their native country in 1866 and came to the United States and settled in Sheboygan county in 1869. The father was a lieutenant in the German army and fought in the Austrian war in 1866. He followed the occupation of an agriculturist in Germany and when he came to America he bought the farm in Sheboygan county upon which his son now resides. He was engaged in the cultivation of the soil until his death in 1898. His wife is still surviving him, a resident of Sheboygan. They were the parents of three children: Walter, who is married and engaged in the engineering business in Chicago; Paul, also married and a motorman in the employ of the Milwaukee Street Railway Company; and Fred, the subject of this review.

The last named received his early education in the district schools of his native township. He spent his boyhood and early youth upon his father's farm, assisting in the work of cultivating the fields and raising the stock. He was married on October 7, 1894, and immediately afterward moved to Sheboygan, where he remained for three years in the employ of the Schreier Brewing Company. In the spring of 1898 he bought the old homestead and the land surrounding it and upon this he now makes his home. He is engaged in general farming but makes a specialty of the cultivation of fine fruit. He gives his personal attention and supervision to this branch of agriculture and has been remarkably successful along this line. He takes a scientific interest in the care of his orchards and his harvests increase in size and quality every year. He is also deeply interested in his dairy and has one of the most modernly equipped and efficient dairy farms in this section of the country. His milk, butter and cheese find a ready sale upon the market and he himself operates a milk route in Sheboygan.

On the 7th of October, 1894, Mr. Born was united in marriage to Miss Ida Hartman, a daughter of John and Mary Hartman, the former a prominent farmer of Sheboygan county. To Mr. and Mrs. Born have been born six children, Arthur, Ella, Fred, Walter, Esther and Edgar. Mr. Born gives his political allegiance to the republican party and has always taken a keen interest in local public affairs. Although he has never sought public office for himself, he has served for six years as clerk of school district No. 3 and has made a record for honesty and efficiency along this line. He and his family are prominent members of the German Lutheran church and are actively interested in the welfare of that organization. The dairy and fruit farms of Sheboygan county are among the most active factors in the development of this section and Mr. Born has done his part to promote the welfare and progress of his native township and county by his thorough and scientific cultivation of his land and his active and efficient operation of his dairy.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL