Ernst Borkenhagen

Ernst Borkenhagen is one of the highly respected citrzens of Sheboygan county where he is successfully engaged in the operation of an up-to-date dairy farm, located in Sherman township. He was born June 28, 1858, in Sherman township, and is the son of John G. and Amelia (Suckow) Borkenhagen, both of whom were natives of Germany. The former was born September 11, 1834, and died January 3, 1900, and the latter was born December 31, 1835 and died December 9, 1897.

The paternal grandfather was John Borkenhagen and the maternal grandmother was Frederika (Kreger) Borkenhagen, both of whom were natives of Pommern, Germany. John Borkenhagen, the grandfather, in his native land was engaged in general farming and also in the manufacture of reeds for cloth. He emigrated to America in 1846 and settled in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee county, on township 9, where he purchased forty acres of land and established his home. He there continued to reside until 1857, at which time he removed to Sheboygan county and purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land on section 10, in Sherman township which he later sold to his son, John, with whom he made his home until the time of his death, which occurred in 1873.

He was united in marriage to Miss Frederika Kreger and to them four children were born: Frederika, the widow of Adam Meyer, of Shawano county, Wisconsin; John G., the father of the subject of. this review; William, a resident of Plymouth, Wisconsin; and Amalie, the deceased wife of Gottfried Zuengler.

John G. Borkenhagen, the father of the subject of this review, purchased of his father one hundred and sixty acres of land located in Sherman township on section 10 and there established his home and continued to live during the remaining years of his life. Eighty acres of that land he later sold to his brother, William, and afterward purchased forty acres adjoining his remaining eighty acres on the east. John G. Borkenhagen was united in marriage in 1857 to Miss Amelia Suckow, a daughter of Charles and Wilhelmina (Klinghart) Suckow.

The father, Charles Suckow, was born in the Uckermark, Germany, and in 1849, having been identified with the political disturbance of his province at that time, was compelled to leave his native country. He emigrated to America in 1849 and settled in Illinois where he remained for a period of two years and in 1852 he removed to Milwaukee county where he established his home in township 9. In 1854 he removed to Sherman township, Sheboygan county, and there purchased land and later in 1856 he bought the gristmill at Cascade, which he operated for fifteen years. He was engaged in general farming in Plymouth township for two years and later operated the gristmill known as "Our Town" mill for some time and then retired to his farm in Cascade where his death occurred in 1875. The mother died in 1886. To them were born six children of whom Mrs. Borkenhagen was the eldest.

To Mr. and Mrs. John G. Borkenhagen ten children were born: one who died in infancy; Ernst, the subject of this review; Louisa, the deceased wife of James Thompson, of Chicago, Illinois; Annie, the wife of William Zuengler, of whom a review is published in another part of this work; Matilda, the wife of Herman Degner, of West Bend, Wisconsin; Henry, a resident of Beloit, Wisconsin; Augusta, the wife of Julius Scholz, of Ozaukee, Wisconsin; Johanna, the wife of Fred Hillger, of Plymouth; Amelia, the deceased wife of Frederick Torke, of Sherman township; and Lillian, the wife of Ole Oleson, of Montana. John G. Borkenhagen was a man of liberal education and one of the most influential citizens of Sheboygan county and for some years was treasurer of Sherman township.

Ernst Borkenhagen was reared in his parents' home and educated in the parochial school of St. John's Lutheran church. In early manhood he remained under the parental roof and engaged in work on his father's farm. In 1884 he purchased the home farm consisting of one hundred and twenty acres upon which he has since continued to reside. He has greatly improved the place, having built a fine residence and all necessary farm buildings required in the operation of an up-to-date, well equipped dairy and agricultural farm. In his dairy he uses only high-grade Holstein stock.

On November 4, 1883, Mr. Borkenhagen was united in marriage to Miss Amalie Scholz, who was born December 27, 1859, and is the daughter of Robert E. and Johanna (Zuengler) Scholz. The father, Robert E. Scholz, was a native of Schlesien, Prussia, Germany, and was born November 5, 1831. His death occurred September 13, 1908. The mother, Johanna (Zuengler) Scholz, was born October 6, 1838, and died July 1, 19u. The paternal grandfather, Gottlob Scholz, was born in Schlesien, Prussia, Germany, and for a livelihood followed the occupation of a farmer. He emigrated to America with his family in 1857 and settled in Sherman township where he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land, located on section 5, upon which he established his home and there continued to live during the remaining days of his life.

To Mr. and Mrs. Scholz five children were born: Christiana, the deceased wife of Carl Wiersig, of Sherman township; Gottlob, Jr., who died in Little Rock, Missouri; August, who was a soldier in the German army and died in Oregon ; Robert, the father of Mrs. Ernst Borkenhagen; and Julius, who for some time operated a store and tavern on section 15, Sherman township, and resided in Olds, Canada, and is now deceased.

Robert E. Scholz emigrated to America at the age of twenty years. While in his native country he learned the carpenter's trade and there followed the pursuit of his vocation and also devoted a portion of his time to work upon his father's farm. In 1864 he purchased eighty acres of land located on section 13, in Sherman township, where he established his home. His first house and barn was built of logs taken from his land which at that time was heavily covered with hardwood timber. He cleared the farm and eventually brought it to a high state of cultivation and improved it with a beautiful frame residence and other necessary buildings required on a well equipped farm. In 1882 he retired from work, being the owner at that time of one hundred and eighty acres of well developed land. That property he sold to his son Gustav with whom he made his home until the time of his death, which occurred in 1908.

Mr. Scholz was united in marriage, in 1856, to Miss Johanna Zuengler, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried Zuengler, of whom a review is published in another portion of this work, and to them ten children were born: Robert, Jr., who died in infancy; Louisa, who also died in infancy; Amalie, the wife of Ernst Borkenhagen, of Sherman township; Julius, a resident of Fredonia township, Ozaukee county, Wisconsin; Gustav A., a resident of Sherman township; Matilda, who died in infancy; Annie, the wife of Fred Goetz, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Otto, a clergy- man of the Lutheran church, who resides in Tonawanda, New York; Gottlob, a carpenter by occupation, who resides in Tonawanda, New York; and Emma, a resident of Milwaukee. Robert Scholz served for many years on the board of supervisors of Sherman township and was one of the highly respected and well known citizens of Sheboygan county.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Borkenhagen seven children have been born. Otto. by occupation a stone mason, resides with his parents. Adolph, a carpenter by trade, also resides with his parents. Ernst, Jr., a blacksmith, resides at Chilton, Wisconsin. John, a farmer by occupation, resides at home. Anna is still under the parental roof. Richard is a blacksmith and resides at Adell. Ida is still with her parents at home.

. Mr. Ernst Borkenhagen has served for some time as treasurer of Sherman township. He is one of the influential and useful citizens of Sheboygan county and is a man of unquestioned integrity in all his business transactions and throughout this portion of the state is known to be a man who is ready at all times to give the benefit of his influence and help to the advancement of any measure of public interest.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL