William H. Beutel

William H. Beutel, president and senior member of the Sheboygan Coaster and Wagon Works, a corporation, was born in Sheboygan Falls, December 22, 1873, a son of August and Augusta (Ulrich) Beutel. The parents were natives of Germany and the father emigrated to America in 1867, and located first at Sheboygan Falls. The mother came with her father, Charles Gottfried Ulrich, to America in 1854. Mr. Ulrich settled at Plymouth, Wisconsin, upon his arrival in this country, and the Ulrich Hotel, which he established, became one of the principal stopping places for the stage line running from Fond du Lac to Plymouth and Sheboygan. Mr. Beutel soon afterward came to Sheboygan and here began business in a small way at the present location of the Beutel Brothers Wagon Works. He died August 10, 1892, when his son William was eighteen years of age, and the latter, being the eldest of the fam11y, was depended upon as the support of the mother and his brothers and sisters.

William H. Beutel was given a good common and high-school education, and when his father died he took up the business for which he showed particular fitness and skill, with the result that the business, instead of lagging, has constantly grown until the present time. After some years a younger brother, Albert Beutel, who was also born in Sheboygan, the date of his birth being June 11, 1885, became associated with him in the business, which was incorporated September 27, 1911, the subject of this review being the president of the concern.

With him are associated his brother, Albert Beutel, the secretary, and Paul W. Fredrich, treasurer. Albert Beutel was also given a good common-school education, after which he attended the Cream City and State Business Colleges of Milwaukee. After completing his commercial course he became stenographer for the American Hide and Leather Company, of Milwaukee, traveling for that concern all over the country. In 1905 he came to Sheboygan, at which time he became associated with his brother in the present business. This has now grown to large proportions and their output, consisting of wagons, coasters and auto bodies, is shipped to all parts of the world.

Albert Beutel was married, in September, 1908, to Miss Anna Kreutzmann, a daughter of John Kreutzmann, who was a native of Germany and by business a farmer. The Kreutzmann family are from Appleton, Wisconsin, and he owns and operates a fine farm, conducted according to the most improved methods and now one of the well known farming properties of that community.

To Albert Beutel and wife has been born one child, Leland. A very great amount of credit for building up the present well known wagon works of the Beutel Brothers is due to William H. Beutel, the eldest brother, who at the time of his father's death took charge of the business as he left it and managed it so ably that he not only succeeded in taking good care of the family but also in building up a magnificent business which has grown from year to year. This concern, which is a very prominent one of its kind in Sheboygan, employs many hands at good wages and the output is enjoying a most excellent reputation as regards work and durability. Mr. Beutel, the president of the firm, is a man well known and highly respected in Sheboygan and the community at large, and stands high in manufacturing circles as well as with the many customers who are patrons of his concern.


Information gathered and adapted from History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Past and Present
Carl Zillier, Editor
Pubished by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago, IL