Vintage Recipes


Cover one cup of "Farina" tapioca with a pint of water, allowing it to soak until all the water has been absorbed. Open a pint can of peaches, and pour off the liquor; add to this the tapioca, and cook slowly over a moderate fire until the tapioca is clear and tender; then stir in the peaches. Turn into a dish, and serve cold, with powdered sugar and cream. Cherries, unfermented grape juice, or berries can be used instead of peaches, and will make a most delicious dessert.


Soak one teacup of tapioca in water over night. In the morning, set one quart of milk in a kettle of boiling water, and let it come to a boil. Stir the yolks of three eggs into the tapioca, with one cup of sugar; let it boil a few minutes. Beat the whites of the eggs stiff and put on the top of the cream. Serve cold.


Soak one teacup of tapioca and one teaspoon of salt in one and one-half pints of cold water for five hours; keep in a warm place but do not cook. Two hours before dinner, pare and core six large apples; place them in a pudding dish; fill the cavities made by removing cores with sugar and a little grated nutmeg, or lemon peel; add a cup of water, and bake one hour, turning the apples to prevent them drying. When quite soft, turn over them the tapioca. Bake one hour longer. Serve with hard sauce of butter and sugar.

Tapioca Vintage Recipe Clipping