Vintage Recipes

Rabbits are cooked same as chicken - stewed, fricasseed or baked.


Fricassee - Skin and remove the fine skin from the meat. Cut in joints for serving and roll each in flour that has been seasoned with salt and pepper. Cook several slices of fat salt pork in a frying pan, removing them as soon as dry and laying aside. Brown the joints of hare in the fat tried out from the pork, having it very hot, that they may brown quickly. Cover closely and set back to cook till tender in their own steam. Pour off all the fat from the pan and dissolve the glaze in a very little water; this to be served in the platter with the hare. Send to the table with gooseberry jelly or any very tart jelly and horse radish sauce.


Lay the rabbit meat in a jar and cover with vinegar and water, equal parts; one sliced onion, salt, pepper, cloves and bay leaves. Allow this to soak two days. Remove the meat and brown it thoroughly in hot butter, turning it often, and gradually add the sauce in which it was pickled, as mcuh as is required. Beefore serving, stir one cupful thick, sour cream into the sauce. Beef may be prepared the same way.

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