Vintage Recipes


After frying ham, put one-fourth cup of the hot fryings into a skillet with one cup of good vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar; let boil a moment. Slice hot boiled potatoes into your salad bowl; season with pepper and salt, and one onion, chopped fine. Pour over this the hot vinegar, and mix well. Garnish with hard boiled eggs. Early in the spring young dandelions added to this are very nice.


The yolks of five eggs, five tablespoonfuls vinegar; cook until thick; then, just before using, add three tablespoonfuls melted butter; beat to a cream. Put in pepper, salt, and mustard to taste, one onion (chopped fine), and three-fourths cup of cream. Slice potatoes thin, and pour dressing over.


One gallon cold and thinly sliced good potatoes, six small onions, sliced thin. Sprinkle very freely with salt and pepper. DRESSING.--Yolks of nine fresh eggs, two teaspoonfuls of ground mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper, one cup of sugar, one cup of good cider vinegar, one-half cup butter. Boil the above mixture, and add one pint of thick sweet cream when the mixture is almost cold. Two small cucumbers sliced will greatly improve this salad.

Potato Salad Vintage Recipe Clipping