Vintage Recipes


Chop fine four pounds of good boiled beef (one tongue is better), one pound suet, and eight apples; add two pounds of raisins (seeded), two pounds of currants, two grated nutmegs, two ounces ground cloves, one pound citron (cut fine), two pounds brown sugar, two tablespoonfuls salt, one pint boiled cider. This may be canned like fruit. When ready to bake pies, add a glass of grape jelly, diluted with water, a little butter, a few raisins, and sugar if needed.


Two teacups of sugar, one teacup of molasses, two teacups of hot water, one teacup of chopped raisins, one-half cup of butter, one-half cup of vinegar, two eggs, six rolled crackers or bread crumbs; cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg to taste.


Three and a half pint bowls of chopped meat, two and a half bowls of suet, four bowls of apples, three bowls of raisins (half of them chopped), two bowls of currants, half a pound of citron (chopped very fine), seven teaspoons even full of salt, four teaspoons cloves, six teaspoons cinnamon, five teaspoons of mace, three nutmegs, four bowls of granulated sugar; mix with sweet cider.

Mince Meat Pies Vintage Recipe Clipping