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Broiling Live Lobster


Live lobsters may be dressed for broiling at market, or may be done at home. Clean lobster and place in a buttered wire broiler. Broil eight minutes on flesh side, turn and broil six minutes on shell side. Serve with melted butter. Lobsters taste nearly the same when placed in dripping pan and baked fifteen minutes in hot oven, and are much easier cooked.

To Split a Live Lobster. Cross large claws and hold firmly with left hand. With sharp pointed knife, held in right hand, begin at the mouth and make a deep incision, and, with a sharp cut, draw the knife quickly through body and entire length of tail. Open lobster, remove intestinal vein, liver, and stomach, and crack claw shells with a mallet.


Cut the lobster fine; put in a stewpan, with a little milk or cream. Boil up once; add one tablespoonful of butter, a little pepper, and serve plain or on toasted crackers. Cook lobster just long enough to heat it, as a longer cooking renders it tough.


Split the lobster and glaze with olive oil, broil on hot fire, with the meat side to the fire. When well broiled, season with salt, cayenne and plenty of melted butter, or place in spider, season, place in oven and baste.


Mince the lobster meat, pound the coral and add grated onion, salt, cayenne. Add grated yolks of three hard cooked eggs. Make a batter of one egg, one tablespoon flour and two tablespoons milk. Beat well together and mix the above with it. Roll into balls and fry in deep hot fat.

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