Vintage Recipes


Take six good-sized potatoes; cook until very soft; take from the water, and mash until creamy; turn the water over the potato scalding hot, and stir in flour until the consistency of cake batter. When cool, stir in one cup of good yeast dissolved in a little warm water; let rise over night. First thing in the morning, heat two quarts of water milk warm; add to the yeast; then stir in flour to make a thick sponge; let rise; then work to a stiff dough; let rise again; knead down; let rise again; make into loaves. When light, bake from three quarters to one hour. This makes a large baking.


FOR THREE LOAVES.--Take three medium-sized potatoes; boil, and mash fine; add two tablespoons of flour; scald with potato water; add one tablespoon of salt, one of lard, and two of sugar. Have one quart of this, and when lukewarm, add one cake of yeast, dissolved. Prepare this at noon; let stand till morning, stirring two or three times. In the morning, have the flour warm; mix till stiff enough to knead on the board, and knead thoroughly for half an hour; rub melted lard over top, and set in a warm place to rise. When light, make into loaves, handling as little as possible; rub melted lard over top, and let rise again. Bake fifty minutes. When taken from the oven, rub the tops of loaves over with butter. This will keep the crust soft.

Good Bread