Vintage Recipes


One quart of flour, one egg, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, one teaspoonful sugar, butter size of an egg, a little salt; mix with milk, and roll as for pie crust; cut into pieces four inches square; in each piece put half of an apple or peach (pared); pinch the corners together; place in a buttered pan. On top of each dumpling put a lump of butter, a little cinnamon, and sugar. Pour into the pan one-half pint of water. Bake, and serve with sweetened milk or cream.


One-half pound figs, one-fourth pound grated bread, two and one-half ounces powdered sugar, three ounces butter, two eggs, one cup milk. Chop the figs fine; and mix first with the butter; add the other ingredients by degrees. Put in a buttered mold, sprinkle with bread crumbs, cover tightly, and boil for three hours.


One egg, six even tablespoonfuls sugar, six heaping tablespoonfuls flour, one heaping tablespoonful baking powder, milk to make batter a little thinner than cake dough. Put fruit in baking dish; pour the batter over it, and bake.

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