Vintage Recipes


To one quart apples, stewed and well mashed, put whites of three eggs (well beaten), and four heaping tablespoons of sugar; beat together for fifteen minutes. Serve with cream.


One pint milk, one tablespoon corn starch, yolks of two eggs. Beat yolks, and add one tablespoon cream, one cup coffee A sugar. Flavor when cool.


Put two quarts of milk into a tin bucket, and place in a kettle of boiling water. While waiting for milk to boil, take the yolks of four eggs, beat, and add one tablespoonful of cream or milk, one cup of coffee A sugar, two teaspoonfuls of sifted flour; beat this to a creamy mixture. When the milk boils, take some of it, stir into the mixture, and then slowly pour this mixture into the rest of the boiling milk, stirring all the time. Put on the lid of the bucket; let boil for a few minutes. Flavor with vanilla. When cool, put in dish. Take the whites of four eggs; beat stiff; add granulated sugar; beat quite a while. Flavor with vanilla. Spread this over the top of the float, and on top of this put bits of jelly.