Vintage Recipes


Use medium-sized cucumbers; wash clean, and lay in jars. Make a brine of water and salt--one teacup of salt to a gallon of water; boil, and pour over the cucumbers; move brine nine mornings in succession; boil, and pour over; then wash in hot water, and put to drain. When cool, place in stone jars, one layer of pickles, and then a layer of grape leaves, some horseradish, and a few sliced onions, if you like the taste of onion. When your jars are full, make a syrup of good vinegar and sugar, sweetened to taste, and add stick of cinnamon, a little celery seed; boil, and pour over the pickles. Invert a plate or saucer, and put on a small weight; tie up closely. They will keep the year round, and are very palatable.

Flint Pickles