Vintage Recipes


A FRENCH CONFECTIONERS RECIPE.--Allow one pound of sugar to one pint of juice. Boil the juice five minutes, and add the sugar, which has been previously well heated; boil one minute, stirring carefully. Always a success.


Weigh the currants on the stems. Do not wash them, but carefully remove all leaves; or whatever may adhere to them. Put a few of the currants into kettle (porcelain lined or granite iron); mash them to secure juice to keep from burning; add the remainder of the fruit, and boil freely for twenty-five minutes, stirring occasionally; strain through a three-cornered bag of strong texture, putting the liquid in earthen or wooden vessels (never in tin). Return the strained liquid to the kettle without the trouble of measuring; let it boil well for a moment or two; add half the amount of granulated or loaf sugar. As soon as the sugar is dissolved, the jelly is done. Put in glasses.

Currant Jelly