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Cooking Codfish


Pick salt codfish in pieces (there should be three fourths cup), and soak in lukewarm water, the time depending upon hardness and saltness of the fish. Drain, and add one cup white sauce. Add one beaten egg just before sending to table. Garnish with slices of hard boiled eggs. Creamed Codfish is better made with cream slightly thickened in place of white sauce.

Toasting Codfish. Pick salt codfish in long thin strips. If very salt, it may need to be freshened by standing for a short time in lukewarm water. Place on a greased wire broiler, and broil until brown on one side; turn, and brown the other. Remove to platter, and spread with butter.


Wash codfish; shred fine with fingers (never cut or chop it); pour cold water over it. Place the dish on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Throw the fish in a colander and drain. Stir a teaspoonful of flour smoothly with water; add two tablespoonfuls of butter and a little pepper; bring to a boil; then throw in the codfish, with a well-beaten egg. When it boils up it is ready for table.


Take a piece of codfish six inches square; soak twelve hours in soft, cold water; shred fine with the fingers; boil a few moments in fresh water. Take one-half pint cream and a little butter; stir into this two large tablespoonfuls flour, smoothly blended in a little cold water; pour over the fish; add one egg, well beaten. Let come to a boil; season with black pepper.


Sliver the codfish fine; pour on boiling water; drain it off; add butter and a little pepper. Heat three or four minutes, but do not let fry.


One pint shredded codfish, two quarts mashed potatoes, well seasoned with butter and pepper--salt, if necessary. Make this mixture into balls. After dipping them into a mixture of two eggs beaten with one-half cup milk, place them in a dripping pan into which you have put a little butter; place them in the oven; baste frequently with eggs and milk; bake till a golden brown.

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